Mentor-Protégé Program

MoDOT’s Mentor-Protégé Program centers on the development of mutually beneficial business relationships between DBE firms and prime contractors. 


Mentor-Protégé teams come together for a specific project or for general capacity building and development of the DBE firm for up to three years.

MoDOT’s Mentor-Protégé Program is consistent with goals and guidelines outlined within FHWA Title 49 CFR, Part 26.

Firms interested in becoming a Mentor (prime contractor) or a Protégé (DBE firm) may fill out the Mentor Protégé Interest Form.  Once complete, forms can be sent to  Following submittal, the firm's information will be posted on MoDOT's ECR website to facilitate matching your firm to another interested Mentor or Protégé.  Interested firms are expected to self-match.  MoDOT staff may be able to assist with an introduction. 


Alternatively, firms can submit an interest form here for becoming a Mentor or a Protégé (click on the appropriate link). 


Mentor-Protégé Recognition Program

The Missouri Department of Transportation has developed the Mentor Protégé Recognition Program (MPRP) to acknowledge the informal relationships that DBE firms and prime consultant and/or prime contractors have established.   Click for additional information

Mentor-Protégé Program Participants

Millstone Weber, LLC and Kendall's Hauling, LLC

Millstone Weber, LLC and Dynamic Logistics, LLC