Tier II Section 3

Section 3 is a 14-mile stretch of I-70 in central Missouri from Route 5 (Exit 101) to the Rocheport exit (Exit 115). Most of the five interchanges along this section of I-70 are heavily developed with community- and travel-related businesses.

Boonville, population 7,095, lies north of the interstate. The city abuts the Missouri River and includes an active port and new casino. I-70 crosses the Missouri River west of the Rocheport exit, and the recreational Katy Trail and historic Lewis and Clark Trail also converge near this crossing.

Begin: Boonville, West of Route 5, Exit 101
End: Rocheport, East of Route BB, Exit 115
Length: 17 miles
Study: Environmental Assessment (EA)

The town of Rocheport, population 255, is just north of I-70 and features a winery, several bed and breakfasts, and antique, art and trail-related businesses. The Big Muddy National Wildlife Refuge and Overton Bottoms are significant environmental features of this section, as are the cave systems, river habitat and geology.

As they prepare the environmental assessment document, the Section 3 team will work with the local citizens and officials to address issues of long-range land-use, access, safety and circulation.

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