Industry Information

Industry Meeting Information


MoDOT’s Improve I-70 Program team has scheduled an industry meeting for the first project. This project will expand Interstate 70 from approximately Kingdom City to Columbia.

Date: Thursday August 24th

Time: 10:00am to 11:30am.

Location: Columbia, Missouri at the Riechmann Indoor Pavilion (2300 East Walnut Street, Columbia, MO 65201)

At the industry meeting, a brief program update will be provided. MoDOT’s Improve I-70 – Central Project Director, Jeff Gander, will introduce the initial project. The Central Project Director will share details about the schedule, RFQ/SOQ process, stipend, submittal requirements, ITP scoring breakdown, DBE goals, workforce goals, and project configuration requirements.

This meeting will not be livestreamed. A recording of this meeting will be posted the Improve I-70 industry SharePoint Site within a few days following the meeting. For access to this SharePoint site, please e-mail