Shannon County Route 19 Bridges: Alternatives Study Report

The Bridge Rehabilitation/Replacement Alternatives Study Report was completed in Oct. 2019, and it identified a number of conceptual alternatives. 

To view sections of the study document, please click the links below. The study is 388 pages in entirety and has been divided into sections below for easier online viewing. 

Executive Summary

General Information

Study Issues Identified

Conceptual Alternatives Studied

Alignment Alternatives Studied

Current River Bridge Alternatives Studied

Spring Valley Bridge Alternatives Studied

Bridge Rail Alternatives Considered

Alternatives Cost Analysis

Studied Alternatives Performance Summary

Appendix A: Supporting Figures

Appendix B: Field Investigation Report

Appendix C: Substructure Evaluation and Remaining Life Report

Appendix D: Options Charrette Report

Appendix E: Bridge and Roadway Estimates

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