Shannon County Route 19 Bridges: Project Requirements

Based on conversations with various stakeholders before and during the design charrette the following project requirements and limitations were identified:

  • Route 19 must remain open to traffic at all times in some fashion. It is the primary north / south route through this part of the state and the potential detour route around a closure is excessive and cannot be tolerated. This route serves several local industries including logging and tourism and connects a NPS ranger station to the remainder of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways.
  • Any proposed design must meet the current EPG and AASHTO standards for highway design and safety features. Included in these standard requirements are vertical and horizontal curve limitations for site distance, roadway superelevation requirements and travel lane and shoulder width. Design exceptions are possible but should be considered sparingly and their acceptance is not guaranteed.
  • Any proposed design must meet the current EPG and AASHTO standards for bridge design or rating requirements if a rehabilitation is considered. Design exceptions may be possible however most structural design is driven by safety requirements and design exceptions will likely not be granted.
  • Carr’s Store and Canoe Rental on the northwest corner of the Current River Bridge must not be disturbed and access must be maintained in some fashion. The location of this store limits the  consideration of a temporary or permanent bridge offset to the west at the Current River.
  • No impact is allowed to Round Spring which is east of Route 19 between the Current River and Spring Valley bridges. The location of the spring limits consideration of a temporary or permanent alignment that is offset to the east at Spring Valley.
  • The Round Spring Cave, NPS ranger station and NPS residences are accessed by an NPS service road beneath the existing Spring Valley Bridge. Access to this area must be maintained. Limited road closures for demolition or construction activities could be tolerated but will require close coordination with NPS.
  • The utilities carried on the existing pedestrian bridge must remain in service. If relocation of the utilities is needed, limited outages to make new connections could be tolerated.
  • An allowance must be made for river traffic on the Current River to traverse the project site during the majority of construction. Limited closure of the river may be possible but will require close coordination with NPS including advanced notification to river outfitters and the general public.
  • The entrance to the NPS river access point on the north bank of the Current River must remain open. Similarly, the entrance to the NPS campgrounds and river access points south of the Current River must also remain open.
  • Traffic must be maintained at the county road intersection with Route 19 south of the Current River Bridge.