Kansas City Roadwork by County


Cass and Clay County

Cass County

Route Z: Resurfacing from Route 7 to Route 2 (2020)

Route 2: Safety improvements at Blinker Light Rd. (2020)
Route P: Resurfacing from Route 7 to Staley Mound Rd. (2020)

Route 2: Resurfacing and shoulder rehabilitation from State Line to I-49 (2021)

Route 7: Resurfacing and sidewalk improvements from I-49 to Independence St. (2021)

Route J: Bridge deck replacement at Young Brand (2021)

Route 58: Bridge replacement over Big Creek (2021)

MO 291: Bridge deck replacement over Big Creek (2021)

I-49 (West Outer Road/Peculiar Dr.): Bridge replacement at East Creek (2021)

MO 58: Intersection improvements at Prairie Lane, Ward Rd., and Route 291 (2021)

I-49 (East Outer Road): Bridge Replacement at Tennessee Creek (2021)

Clay County

I-435: Improve congestion by replacing interchange with diverging diamond at Rte. 210 and adding a lane from Parvin Road to Missouri River bridge.

 I-435: Bridge deck replacement at the Missouri River. 

RT 92: ADA Transition Plan sidewalk improvements along the Route 92 corridor from Route 33 to Marimack Drive 

I-29: Pavement improvements from Vivion Road to I-29/35 interchange in Kansas City

RT 291: Pedestrian and ADA Transition Plan improvements at Kansas Street in Liberty

RT 152/Kansas Street: Bridge, interchange and ADA Transition Plan improvements over I-35 in Liberty. Pavement resurfacing, sidewalks, curb & gutter and traffic signal improvements between I-35 and Rte. 291 in Liberty. 

RT D: Pavement Resurfacing from US 69 to Ray County Line

RT CC: Pavement resurfacing from Route C to Route 33 

RT E: Pavement resurfacing from 164th St. to MO 92

RT JJ: Pavement resurfacing from Route H to Route 210 

RT RA: Pavement resurfacing from 161st St. in Greenville to MO 92

169: Add auxiliary lanes from north of I-29 to south of Englewood Road in Kansas City. 

169: Ramp acceleration lane extension between Englewood Road and I-29. 

16 9 and 188th: Intersection Improvements at US 169 and 188th St.


Jackson County

Jackson County

I-435: Bridge, pavement and corridor improvements from the Kansas State line to I-49. Design/Build project. (2020)

I-435/I-70: Interchange improvements that includes ramp improvements. (2020)

8th, 9th, 10th, and Chestnut: Bridge replacements for 8th, 9th, 10th, and Chestnut Streets over I-70 (2020)

RT 24: Bridge replacement over Delaware Avenue/Truman Library Drive 3.6 miles east of I-435 near Independence.  (2020)

I-470: Bridge Deck Replacement at Hillcrest Rd. over I-470 (2020)

Route RA: Ranson Rd. (Route RA) Resurfacing (2020)

I-49: Bridge replacement of 140th St. over I-49 (2020)

MO 291: Resurfacing from Leonard St. in Liberty, MO to MO 78 (2020)

I-70: Resurfacing from State Line to Manchester Rd. (2020)

I-29: Resurfacing from Guinotte to Downtown Loop (2020)

US 24: Signing changes to designate US 24 along I-70 and I-435. (2020)

US 50: Resurfacing from I-470 to Ranson Rd. (2021)

MO 291: Adding traffic signal at Thompson/Scherer (2021)

MO 7: Adding traffic signals at South St. (2021)

US 169: Buck O'Neil Bridge Replacement (TBD)

I-70: Resurfacing from MO 7 to Lafayette County Line (2021)

MO 12: Resurfacing from I-435 to Spring St. (2021)

MO 350: Intersection and corridor improvements from Laurel to Westridge Rd. (2021)

US 24: Bridge rehabilitation near Buckner (2021)

MO 78: Resurfacing from Speck Rd. to MO Route 7 (2021)

MO 78: Resurfacing from MO 291 to Belmont (2021)

MO 150: Resurfacing from Andrews Rd. to Byars Rd. (2021)

US 71 East Outer Road (Hickman Mills Dr.): Pavement Rehabilitation from Bannister Rd. to 87th St. (2021)

I-670: Bridge replacement of Baltimore Ave. bridge over I-670 (2021)

I-435: Bridge replacement of 67th St. bridge over I-435 (2021)

MO 7: Adding turns lanes at Stringtown Rd. and County Line Rd. (2021)

I-35: Bridge rehabilitation of northbound I-35 ramp to westbound I-70 (2021)

US 40: Resurfacing from Sterling to I-70 in Grain Valley (2021)


Johnson, Lafayette and Pettis Counties

Johnson County    

RT 50: Add intersection turn lanes at Rte. AA, Rte. Z/W and County Road 1801.         

RT 58: ADA Transition Plan sidewalk, drainage and pavement improvements in Holden from Charles Street to 9th Street. $713,000 Statewide Transportation Alternatives funds. $1,050,000 District Operations funds.

MO 131: ADA Transition Plan sidewalk improvements, add drainage and resurface pavement within Holden from McKossick to 10th Street. $334,000 Statewide Transportation Alternatives funds. $603,000 District Operations funds.   

RT W: Pavement resurfacing and add new sections of guardrail from the Jackson County line to County Road 1501.

Lafayette County

131: Adding shoulders and pavement resurfacing from Odessa south city limits to RT 50

Pettis County

RT D: Route D bridge repairs over Blackwater River.

RT D: Route D bridge over Heaths Creek.

RT O: Route O bridge over Muddy Creek

RT Y: Pavement resurfacing, adding sections of two-foot shoulders and sidewalk improvements from Quisenberry Road to RT 65

US 65: Twin Bridges over Flat Creek

Bridge worker

Platte, Ray and Saline Counties

Platte County

I-69: Drainage improvements at Frontier Street in City of Northmoor

RT 45: Remove islands and restripe RT 45 at Klamm Road and RT 45 at Riss Lake Dr.

I-435: Pavement improvements from I-29 to Cookingham Drive in Kansas City

RT D: Pavement resurfacing from NW LP Cookingham to I-435 

RT AA: Pavement Resurfacing  from I-29 to US 69

RT C: Pavement Resurfacing from MO 92 to I-435

RT N: Pavement Resurfacing from Rte. D to MO 152

RT E: Pavement resurfacing from I-29 to Route B

RT 9: Intersection improvements at Mattox Road and Rte. 9 in Riverside. 

Various Routes: Install KC Scout ITS devices on various routes north of Missouri River in Clay and Platte Counties. 

Ray County

RT O: Pavement resurfacing from Rte. 210 to Rte. 10.     

RT D: Pavement resurfacing from Clay/Ray County line to Rte. C.   

RT V: Bridge replacement over Crooked River, 0.2 mile east of Shelton Road. and 0.8 mile west of Spry Road. Project involves bridge N0840   

RT A: Pavement resurfacing from RT E to MO 10.

Saline County

I-70: Pavement resurfacing from RTY to the Blackwater River bridge. 

RT 127: Pavement resurfacing from RT 20 to I-70. 

RT 41: Route 41 bridge repairs over Muddy Creek.

RT 41: Route 41 bridge repairs over Camp Creek.

RT 41: Route 41 bridge repairs over Flat Creek. 

RT 122: Route 122 bridge repairs over Muddy Creek.