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District: NE 9/16/21 10/1/21
Job No. J2I3274, J2S3438, J2S3439, J2S3440
Job Description: J2I3274, J2S3438, J2S3439, J2S3440, Montgomery/Warren Counties, Interstate 70, Interstate 70 Alignment and Bridges Within Montgomery and Warren Counties
Additional Information:  
District: KC 9/9/21 10/4/21
Job No. J4P3488
Job Description: J4P3488, Route 291 at MO 58 South Junction, Add Roundabout
Additional Information:  
District: SW 8/31/21 9/22/21
Job No. J7S0532
Job Description: J7S0532, McDonald County Rte 90, Utility Coordination, Roadway, Bridge and ROW Plans
Additional Information:  
District: NW 08/26/21 9/10/21
Job No. J1S3216, J1S3361
Job Description: J1S3216, J1S3361, Gentry County Route E Grundy County, Route W, Replace Bridges No. T0195, P0202 and S0657
Additional Information:  
District: NW 08/26/21 9/10/21
Job No. J1S3360
Job Description: J1S3360 Buchanan County, Route Y, Bridge Replacements Y0010 and W0444
Additional Information:  
District: NW 8/26/21 9/10/21
Job No. J1S3362
Job Description: J1S3362, Livingston County, Route C,  Replace Bridge S0639
Additional Information:  
District: KC 8/25/21 9/13/21
Job No. J4I3087
Job Description: J4I3087, Clay, Jackson, and Platte County, I-29, I-35, US 169, Planning and Environmental Linkages Study
Additional Information: I-29/I-35 Corridor Study Planning Application