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2021 MoDOT's RFQ Posting Calendar

2022 MoDOT's RFQ Posting Calendar


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  Post Date Expiration Date
District: SE 1/26/22 2/16/22
Job Number: J0P2272

J0P2272, Route 412 Dunklin County, Capacity Improvements Along the Corridor

Additional Information:

J0P2272 Scope of Service

Files for Download | Missouri Department of Transportation ( 

District: SW 1/26/22 2/16/22
Job Number:



J7I3010, Interstate 44, Pavement, Safety, and Operational Improvements

Additional Information:  
District: CD 1/26/22 2/16/22
Job Number: J5P3573
Description: J5P3573, Route 54 Camden County, Widen Existing from 3 Lanes to 5 Lanes
Additional Information:  
District: Central Office, External Civil Rights Division 1/14/22 1/28/22
Job Number: External Civil Rights (ECR)
Description: External Civil Rights (ECR) Oversight Services
Additional Information: Addendum - External Civil Rights (ECR) Oversight Services 
District:  SL 1/12/22 2/1/22
Job Number: J6I2090, J6I3501 & J6I3653
Description: J6I2090, J6I3501 & J6I3653, Route I-270 & I-64 St. Louis County, New Bridge Improvements, Bridge Rehabilitation, on multiple bridges
Additional Information:   
District: SL 1/12/22 2/1/22
Job Number: J6P3560

J6P3560 Route 50 Franklin County, pavement rehabilitation and resurfacing, guardrail upgrades and box culvert construction.

Additional Information:  

Central Office Bridge

1/12/22 1/26/22
Job Number: NBIS Bridge Inspection Services

NBIS Bridge Inspection Services, Bridge Inspection Service Statewide

Additional Information:  
District: SL 1/12/22 1/28/22
Job Number: J6S3435
Description:  J6S3435 Route 30, Franklin and Jefferson Counties, Resurfacing, Bridge Replacement, Guard Rail and ADA
Additional Information:  J6S3435 Approved Conceptual Report
District: CD 1/12/22 1/31/22
Job Number: CD0007
Description: CD0007 Route 63 from south of Route 50 in Osage County to the existing dual lanes north of Rolla in Phelps County
Additional Information:

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