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As per Sec. 227.107, RSMo, MoDOT was given the authority for three pilot projects using the design-build project delivery technique: The New I-64, kcICON and the Safe & Sound Bridge Improvement Program. Each was completed ahead of schedule and on, or under, budget.

Subsequently, the statute was amended to give MoDOT the opportunity to enter into design-build contracts on no more than two percent of the total number of all state highway system projects awarded to contracts for construction from projects listed in the commission’s approved statewide transportation improvement project for that state fiscal year.

Design-build is a delivery method that includes hiring one contracting team to complete the design work and build the highway improvement under one contract. MoDOT provides the project goals, budget and schedule and the contractor team completes the work. This technique has been known to significantly save time and provide cost savings.

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MoDOT’s Upcoming Design-Build Projects

MoDOT conducted a webinar on Nov. 10, 2020, to discuss upcoming design-build projects.  Click the button below to watch the event recording.

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Design-Build Projects in Procurement


MoDOT Selects Contractor for the Design-Build of New I-70 Rocheport Bridge

JEFFERSON CITY – Today the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission announced the selection of the Lunda Team, made up of Lunda Construction Co., Parsons Transportation Group, Inc., Dan Brown & Associates, and Hugh Zeng United, as the design-build contractor to replace the Interstate 70 Missouri River Bridge near Rocheport.

“This is an exciting moment for this project, and we are thrilled to be working with the Lunda Team,” said Missouri Department of Transportation Rocheport Bridge Project Director Brandi Baldwin. “The replacement of the bridge provides a long-lasting solution and the plan will have minimal impacts to traffic on I-70 during construction.”

The current bridge was built in 1960 and is rated as being in poor condition, which could have resulted in weight restrictions in the coming years. MoDOT said the 60-year-old bridge is safe and will be maintained while construction of the new bridge is underway.

The new Missouri River bridge will cost approximately $240 million and will provide a safe and reliable bridge for interstate travelers for the next 100 years. It was funded in part by an $81.2 million INFRA Grant, the largest competitive grant ever received by MoDOT.

“This bridge lies at the heart of Missouri and not only connects the two sides of our state but the majority of our country,” Governor Parson said. “With over 12 million vehicles using the bridge each year and trucks carrying goods to all corners of the country, it is vital that we have world-class infrastructure in place that can meet the demand. This new bridge will keep people moving safely and drive economic activity in our state and local communities.”

 “This announcement is the culmination of a lot of hard work and dedication by a large group of people dedicated to Missouri’s transportation system and infrastructure,” said MoDOT Director Patrick McKenna. “It required local communities, state lawmakers and our congressional delegation all working towards that shared vision of a new bridge that made the funding come together.”

The Lunda Team competed against three other design build teams, all of whom had local and national experience. The winning proposal showed not only an understanding of the engineering endeavor set out before the teams and a design that will serve travelers for the next century, it also showed an understanding of the local, statewide, and national importance of the work.

The design includes two bridges, one in each direction of travel, each with three lanes. This allows for construction to take place with a limited impact to traffic.

The design-build team’s proposal had to meet or exceed several goals set by MoDOT, which included providing a high-quality, durable, low-maintenance project that improves safety and reliability, minimizing traffic impacts during and after construction, and demonstrating a commitment to quality and innovation in all phases of the project.

Construction on the new bridge is scheduled to begin later this year and be complete by the end of 2024. 

For more information or to sign up for updates sent to your inbox, visit the project webpage at For instant updates, follow MoDOT Central on Twitter or share posts and comments on our Facebook at The Central District maintains more than 11,000 miles of state roadway in 18 counties.


Project Schedule  
Issue RFQ & Industry Meeting   January 29, 2021
SOQs Due February 2021
Shortlist announced March 2021
Issue RFP March 2021
Proposals Due June 2021
MHTC Team Selection July 2021
Open to Traffic August 2024
Project Complete December 2024


Project Goals:

  • Meet the expectation of delivering the project under budget.
  • Provide a high quality, durable, low maintenance project that improves safety and reliability.
  • Minimize traffic impacts during and after construction while maximizing safety and capacity.
  • Maximize safety for workers while beating the project completion deadline of 12/31/24.
  • Deliver the Project with a diverse workforce that fosters future DBE and workforce development.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to quality and innovation in all phases of the project.

Feb. 26, 2021

Public Notice – I-70 Missouri River Bridge at Rocheport


June 3, 2021 – 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.


This project will replace or rehabilitate bridges rated in poor or fair condition along I-44 and various other routes within 15 miles of the interstate across the Southwest District. Counties impacted include Dallas, Greene, Jasper, Lawrence and Webster.


Short Listed Teams

ESS Team – Emery Sapp & Sons, Inc. and Parsons

KCI Team – KCI Construction Company, Inc.  and Bartlett & West

Restore 44 Team – Radmacher Brothers Excavating Company, Inc. and GBA

Capital Team – Capital Paving & Construction, Robertson Contractors, Inc. and HDR


For more information, contact Project Director Laurel McKean at or (417) 818-9043.


Project Schedule


Project Advertisement

May 2021

Issue Request for Qualifications/Industry Meeting  

June 2021

Statements of Qualification Shortlist

July 2021

Issue Request for Proposals

August 2021

MHTC Team Selection

January 2022

Project Goals:

  1. Deliver a safe project within the programmed budget of $38.055 million.
  2. Maximize the number of locations to be addressed while providing quality structures.
  3. Use innovation to reduce delay and minimize impacts to the public.
  4. Deliver the project utilizing a diverse work force.
  5. Complete the project on or before Nov. 1, 2024.

The I-70 Cave Springs to Fairgrounds project is a Design-Build project that will make improvements to address the connectivity, safety and congestion issues that have impacted this region for decades.  For more information, contact Project Director Stacey Smith at 314-453-5084 or by email at or visit the project website at



1. Improve connectivity for the local community while maximizing safety and efficiency of the transportation network within the program budget of $62 million.

2. Provide a durable and maintainable transportation infrastructure allowing for future expansion.

3. Minimize impacts to the traveling public during construction while safely delivering the project by June 28, 2024.

4. Deliver the project using a diverse workforce.




Project Advertisement

June 17, 2021

Industry Meeting/RFQ Release

July 19, 2021

SOQ Shortlist

August 2021

RFP Release

September 2021

MHTC Team Selection

February 2022


Mid MO ADA Industry Meeting

Event address for attendees:


Date and time: Wednesday, Jul 28, 2021 2:00 pm | 1 hour | (UTC-05:00) Central Time (US & Canada)


Description: The Mid MO ADA Design-Build Project Team will provide a brief presentation to the Industry and answer questions.


Audio conference: 1-408-792-6300 Call-in toll number (US/Canada)

                                   Access code: 132 387 6867



Project Update - 03/18/2021

The Mid MO ADA Design-Build Project was postponed in April, 2020 due to anticipated loss of MoDOT’s fuel tax revenue as a result of the national shutdown of businesses surrounding the national pandemic. The project has now been re-evaluated and several locations added, including sites in the Northwest District, significantly increasing the scope of the project. Our team is currently evaluating risks at these new locations. 

We plan to re-advertise this project in late spring to early summer. Additional details, timelines and updates will be posted on this web page and sent to all contractors and consultants that have contacted or submitted documents to the Mid-MO ADA team in the past. If you have any questions or would like to be added to our contact list, please email us at

The purpose of the Central District ADA Design Build project is to complete the current ADA Transition plan in the Central and Northwest Districts and bring the remaining locations into ADA compliance. The procurement process is expected to begin in the spring or summer, 2021. One team will be selected to design and construct the project.

Project Goals

  1. Deliver the project within the program budget of $23.1 million.
  2. Bring designated pedestrian facilities into ADA compliance.
  3. Use innovation to maximize improvements that provide long-lasting and safe pedestrian facilities.
  4. Safely deliver a project that minimizes and mitigates construction impacts through construction staging and communication efforts.
  5. Complete the project no later than Dec. 1, 2024.

Project Schedule

RFQ Released




/Shortlist Announced


RFP Released


Proposals Due

Winter 2022

Best Value Selection

March/April 2022

For more information, please email the MidMo ADA team at or call Project Director Chris Brownell at 573-526-4477.



Upcoming Design-Build Projects







    Projects with Scoping Only


    The purpose of this section is to identify potential future highway and bridge projects. These projects may be in the evaluation stage, which is called project scoping, or may be further along in the preliminary design process. Projects listed in this section are not commitments to construct or implement an improvement. These commitments won’t be made until the NEPA process is completed. These projects are being included in the STIP for the scoping or preliminary design phase only, and subsequent phases have not yet been determined or are beyond the STIP horizon period.

    For more information on MoDOT Design-Build projects, please contact Dave Simmons at 314-453-1878, or at


    • Missouri Route 740 (Central District) – No information available
    • I-44 Gasconade and Little Piney River (Central District) – No information available
    • Safety Improvements (Northwest District) – No information available
    • I-70/Route 131 Interchange at Odessa (Kansas City District) – No information available
    • I-70 Corridor Improvements (Kansas City District) – No information available
    • I-70 Realignment at Wentzville (St. Louis District) – No information available
    • Kansas City ADA Project (Kansas City District) – No information available
    • Safety Improvements (St. Louis District) – No information available



    Projects Underway

    Fixing Access to Rural Missouri (FARM) Bridge Program

    The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission today selected the Lehman-Wilson team for the design-build contract to replace 31 weight-restricted and poor condition bridges in northern Missouri ...

    Buck O'Neil Bridge Project

    The new Missouri river bridge will cost close to $220 million dollars to construct and will provide a safe, connective and accessible transportation facility that improves regional and local system pe...

    I-270 North Project

    The I-270 North Design-Build Project seeks to improve reliability within the I-270 corridor, link communities, and enhance traffic operations so that the public has a durable and maintainable transpor...

    Bootheel Bridge Bundle Project

    “The purpose of the Bootheel Bridge Bundle project is to repair or replace 15 bridges on the Missouri Department of Transportation’s asset management plan for the Southeast District,” said Project Dir...



    Completed Design-Build Projects

    Mineola Hill Climbing Lanes Design-Build Project

    This highway project was made possible by a federal Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA) grant in combination with the replacement of the I-70 Missouri River Bridge at Rocheport in Boone and ...

    I-44 Project Bridge Rebuild

    On Feb. 6, 2019, the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission selected the Emery Sapp & Sons/Parsons Transportation Group team as the design-build contractor for I-44 Project Bridge Rebuild...

    U.S. Route 54 “Champ Clark Bridge” over the Mississippi River – Pike County

    On June 29, 2017, the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission selected the Massman/HNTB team to design and construct a new Champ Clark Bridge at Louisiana, Mo. The existing narrow two-lane bri...

    I-435 South Loop Link - Jackson County

    On Dec. 1, 2017, the Missouri Highways & Transportation Commission selected the Radmacher-Wilson Team – construction contractor Radmacher Brothers Excavating Inc. and the engineering design firm o...

    St. Louis Safety Project – Franklin and St. Charles counties

    In May 2017, the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission selected the NB West Contracting Company to improve safety at 31 locations in Franklin and St. Charles counties. Other members of the t...

    U.S. Route 69 Bridges – Kansas City

    In July 2014, the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission selected the American Bridge Company and Garver team as the design-build contractor for the U.S. Route 69 Bridges project. The $79 mil...

    Interstate 44/Route 141 – St. Louis County

    In January 2016, the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission selected the Pace Construction team, including AECOM Technical Services, Kuesel Excavating Company and the Lochmueller Group, as th...

    I-64 Daniel Boone Bridge over the Missouri River – St. Charles/St. Louis counti…

    In July 2012, the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission selected the Walsh-Alberici joint venture team as the design-build contractor for the new I-64 Daniel Boone Bridge. The $125 million ...

    Route 364 Upgrade - Phase 3 – St. Charles County

    In February 2013, the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission selected the Page Constructors Joint Venture, including Fred Weber Inc., Millstone-Bangert Inc., Kolb Grading with lead designer P...

    I-70 Bridges over Manchester Trafficway – Kansas City

    In July 2013, The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission selected the Clarkson Construction Company and HNTB team as the design-build contractor for the Manchester Bridge Project. MoDOT repl...

    The New I-64

    This project – the largest, single highway construction project in MoDOT history – involved rebuilding 10 miles of Interstate 64 from west of Spoede Road in St. Louis County to Kingshighway Boulevard ...


    The kcICON design-build project improved 4.7 miles of Interstate 29/35 in Kansas City from just north of Route 210 (Armour Road) to the northeast corner of the downtown Kansas City, MO. Freeway loop. ...

    Safe and Sound Bridge Improvement Program

    More than 800 of Missouri’s worst bridges were repaired or replaced under the Safe and Sound Bridge Improvement Program, which was completed in October 2012 – under its $685 million budget and 14 mont...

    Project Freeway: U.S. 60 Rogersville

    In June 2014, the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission selected the Ozark Regional Road Constructors, including Radmacher Brothers Excavating Company; Reynolds, Smith & Hills; CFS Engin...

    Columbia I-70 Bridges – Boone County

    In June 2015, the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission selected Emery Sapp and Sons and the Parsons Transportation Group as the design-build contractor for the Columbia I-70 Bridges project...