CADD - Other Support Files and Videos


ProjectWise Manual

Contract Plans Information

File Naming Convention for Contract Plan Drawings - EPG 237.13

Preparing MicroStation Files for Create Renditions Application (ProjectWise Manual Page 4-1)

Issues with Logical Names in Border Files (ProjectWise Manual Page 4-10)

Export a Completed Project for Construction

Guidelines for Addendums or Revision Sheets

File Naming Convention for Addendums or Revision Sheets - EPG 237.9.4

Identification of Revisions in Addendums

Example Sheet Added

Example Sheet Deleted

Example Revisions 1

Example Revisions 2

Example Revisions 3

Miscellaneous Information

Cleaning up the ProjectWise Organizer

Reattaching Reference Files using Scan References

Signing and Sealing

Step 1: Creating Digital ID Folder Setup

Step 2: Creating Digital ID Signature for Adobe Reader

Step 3: Digitally Signing PDF Files

Reassociating PDF Seal and Digital ID to Adobe Reader DC

Consultant Signing and Sealing​

​State Statue fo​r Sealing Documents

OpenRoads Designer Support

Bridge Survey Tools

Bridge Survey Profiles

HEC-RAS Converter Spreadsheet for ORD

HEC-RAS Converter for ORD

Roadway Design Help files and Videos

Corridor Re-attach

Cross Sections - End Area Volumes

Cross Sections - Overview

Dynamic Cross Sections

MoDOT Superelevations Explained

Power GEOPAK SS10 Support

MicroStation Support Material


Creating Transparent Shapes

Descartes Plotting - Storing the Plotdrop File


Re-establishing a path for a raster image


Level Symbology

Manipulate Elements

Stretching Elements

Reversing / Mirroring a Linestyle

Rotate and Scale about Element Center

Measuring and Dimensioning Elements

Dropping Chained Dimensions

Miscellaneous Items

Adding Rows for Quantity Blocks in MicroStation

Assigning Key-In Commands to Function (F1-F12) Keys

Changing Angle Readout from Decimal Degree to Degree/Minute/Second

Deleting Duplicate Elements and Compressing Files

DGN Merger Tool

Function Key Assignments

Tasks and Annotation Scale

Opening and Creating Files

Opening Files Through ProjectWise

Creating Files Through MicroStation Manager (Construction)

Creating Files Through ProjectWise


Quantab Manual

Quantab Exercise

Adding Rows for Quantity Blocks in Quantab

Quantab - Inputing Stations

Special Characters in the Quantab Sheet

System and Administrative Procedures

Technical Recommendations For PW/CADD Users Working From Home

What do I do if there is a power failure or loss of network connectivity

Using Dual Monitors in MicroStation

Text and Notes

Broken Association with Leader Lines

Place Note Enhancements

Special Text Characters

Text Masking

Using the Word Processor Interface, and Adding Favorite Symbols

Using Reference Files

Reference File Clipping​​

Working with AccuDraw

Using the Pop-up Calculator

How to Input Bearings and Angles using AccuDraw

Road Tools

Bridge Survey

GeoHec Spreadsheet for Power GeoPak

General Overview of the G​eoHec Spreadsheet

How to enter Civil Geometry data into a Section (30' Offset and CL Sections)

How to enter Survey data into a Section (Streambed, Valley, and Typical Channel Sections)

How to enter the Station Values for each Section

How to Reverse the Stationing Direction on Survey Linear Feature​

Creating a COGO Chain and Profile From a SS4 Survey Linear Feature

Cross Sections


​Cross Sections General Leaf

Custom Cross Sections

Cross Section Sheets and Settings​

In Depth Look at Stacked Cross Section Option​

Utilities in Cross Sections with Sue

XS Title Block Annotation

Civil Cells

Civil Cells - How To - Editing and Healing (Entrance)

Civil Cells - How To - Placement (Entrance)

Civil Cells Class Power Point

Civil Cells Placement - Roundabout Class Video

Civil Geometry

Alignment Annotation

Assigning a Feature Definition

Civil Geometry Import and Export

Editing Geometry

Geometry Tools Overview

Intro to Civil Accudraw

Profile Design

Storing a Chain

Storing and Editing Stationing and Station Equations​

Storing Points

Storing a Simple Curve

​Storing SCS​

Corridor Modeling

Accessing the Template Library​

Applying a Key Station

Applying End Condition Exceptions

Applying Parametric Constraints

Applying Shoulder Rollover Lock

Applying Special Ditch Grades and Profiles

Corridor Design

Corridor Profile Assignments

Creating a Point Control

Creating a Template from Components

Displaying Right Of Way in XS View

Dynamic Cross Section View

Force Tie Slopes / Matching Intersecting Slopes

Modeling Existing Pavement and Proposed Overlay

Nominal Depth Milling

Nominal Depth Milling and Crown Correction Leveling Binder

Overlay Profile Adjustment

Overview of Corridor Modeler Tools

Place Ditches and Limits of Construction in Plan View

Processing Tips

Resolving Intersecting Slopes

Slope Correction Milling

Slope Correction Milling and Leveling Binder

​Targeting with End Conditions


Earthwork Introduction

Earthwork Options Explained

Earthwork Soil Classifications

Overlay Widening End Area Comps Example


Guardrail Modeling

Pavement Marking Design and Visualization​

Traffic A​nimation

Model Navigation

Nav​igating Clip Volume


Preliminary Planning


Using MoDOT Sta​ndard Plans

Terrain Modeling

Creating a Proposed Terrain Model

Creating a Scalable Terrain

Importing and Exporting Terrain Models

MoDOT Graphic Filters - How were they Created?

MoDOT Graphic Filters - How to Use Them

Terrain Model Analysis Tools

Terrain Model Annotation

​Clipping from a LiDAR Terrain Model

Terrain Model Clipping

Terrain Model Context Toolbar Description

Terrain Model Creation with Graphical Filters

Terrain Model Display Options

Terrain Model Draping on Raster

Terrain Model Editing Tools

Delivering The ​Civil Terrain Model

Drainage Tools

SUDA Questions and Answers

Survey Tools

Civil Geometry

Exporting Chain and Profile from Power GeoPak Survey

Modify Survey Data Features


Survey-Flared End Section Updating

Terrain Modeling

Copy a Terrain Model to another dgn File

Merging New Survey Information into an old TIN File via a Terrain Model

Removing Survey Elements from a Survey Terrain Model

Terrain Model Remove Interior Area

Survey Issues

Survey Issue #1 - Survey Points Shifted

Survey Issue #2 - Orphaned Survey Text​

Workflow Diagrams

Start Job


Secondary Alignments

Creating Cross Sections

Plan-Profile Sheet

Earthwork End Area Volume

Earthwork for Separate Sides of Baseline

Other Applications

DIALux Lighting Software Information

Vendor Website

DIALux vendor Manual

DIALux Zip archive with MoDOT's Standard IES files

Interactive Highway Safety Design Model

The Interactive Highway Safety Design Model or IHSDM is a suite of software analysis tools for evaluating safety and operational effects of geometric design decisions on highways. The software is developed and distributed by the Federal Highway Administration and user support is also offered through that agency.​​

Link to IHSDM Website

Link to IHSDM Software