Tier II Section 7

Section 7 includes the far eastern end of the I-70 corridor. Its 36 miles stretch from approximately Route 19 at Montgomery City to the beginning of the St. Louis Freeway System at Lake St. Louis.

Unlike most of the primarily rural corridor, Section 7 is home to three more densely populated and fast-growing cities: Warrenton, Wright City, and Wentzville.  Many factors will come into play as I-70 widening options are explored, including environmental research, technical evaluation, and community input.

Begin: West of Route 19, Exit 175

End: Lake St. Louis, Exit 214

Length: 39 miles

Study: Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

Section 7 team members will be working closely with the affected cities to ensure that improvement decisions work with their future plans, while also meeting the needs of I-70 travelers.

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