State Freight and Rail Plan Schedule

Planning for the Missouri State Freight and Rail Plan began in February of 2020 and the Plan will be complete by Fall 2021. Throughout the project, the team is providing opportunities for community and stakeholder engagement. 

February 2020


August 2020


Stakeholder Coordination Meeting 1 Notes

September 2020

Interviews - What are these?

October 2020

DRAFT Freight Profile

November 2020

Stakeholder Coordination Meeting 2 Notes

DRAFT Freight & Economic Futures

December 2020

Industry Forums - What are these?

January 2021

Industry ForumsWhat are these?

February 2021

Stakeholder Coordination Meeting 3 - What are these?

DRAFT Needs Assesment

Industry Forum - What are these?

May 2021

Stakeholder Coordination Meeting 4What are these?

Virtual Passenger Rail Open House Summary

DRAFT Strategies

July 2021

Stakeholder Coordination Meeting 5 - What are these?


September 2021

Stakeholder Coordination Meeting 6 - What are these?

October 2021

DRAFT Final Plan



Industry Forums 

Forums provide targeted feedback about a specific topic or freight mode. Participants take a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities surrounding a specific area of freight or passenger rail to explore comprehensive ways to improve it. At this time, these forums will be conducted virtually for the health and safety of participants.


These are people with expertise in the freight and/or passenger rail industry. Their knowledge and experience help planners learn about key industries, issues and concerns from freight leaders across the state.

Stakeholder Coordination Meetings – This group of industry experts meets regularly during the plan process to discuss key topics, policy and projects that could be implemented in the plan. MoDOT has established this Steering Committee to hear from a variety of industry viewpoints. Participants on the committee serve as liaisons between the interests and industries they represent and MoDOT, providing deeper insight into their operations, and ensuring the plan is responsive to their needs.

  • Presentations from Steering Committee Meetings