Existing Plans

Developing the Missouri State Freight and Rail Plan requires a combination of localized data collection, modeling and analysis, local freight project identification, relevant freight programs and policies, and extensive stakeholder outreach across the State. Below is a list of some of the resources that are being used to help inform MoDOT’s Statewide Freight and Rail Plan:

Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) - The Freight and Rail Plan is just one tool that is used to support MoDOT’s transportation initiatives in the state of Missouri. The Freight and Rail Plan directly ties to Missouri’s LRTP. Any recommendations that come from the Freight and Rail Plan must be aligned with the policies adopted in the LRTP.

Citizen’s Guide to Transportation Funding in Missouri – In an effort to educate and inform Missourians on the current status and future direction of their transportation system, the Citizen’s Guide to Transportation Funding takes the complex issues of the state’s transportation revenue, expenditures, system condition and unfunded needs and explains them in clear and easy-to-understand terms.

Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP)A STIP is a list of all funded projects that will occur throughout the state of Missouri over the next five years. The document is updated every year and provides information about the type of project, project location, when design and construction will begin, and the cost. These projects are created from the information and recommendations that come from plans like the Freight and Rail.

2017 Freight PlanWant to know what a freight plan looks like when competed? See for yourself. 

2012 Rail PlanCurious about what is in a Rail Plan? See what was included in the 2012 plan.