Missouri State Freight and Rail Plan

Whether it’s seeing raw materials being delivered by train to a manufacturing plant, or food delivered to your local grocery store by truck or a package delivered to your doorstep, it is undeniable that freight is important to all of us. 

How freight moves from one location to another is a vital component in determining the price someone pays for an item and, on a larger scale, the economic trade-offs of freight. Having an efficient, integrated freight system for moving commerce is critical to generating revenue and investments for Missouri. A safe, efficient and integrated freight network in Missouri means prosperity for the businesses and citizens that call Missouri home.


Goals and Objectives

The Missouri State Freight and Rail Plan focuses on:

  • Safety
    • The Safety of all who use Missouri’s transportation - MoDOT’s #1 priority
  • Service
    • Mobility and the Reliability of the entire system so that freight can move efficiently
    • System Preservation to minimize maintenance and repair costs
  • Stability
    • Enhancing Missouri’s Economic Competitiveness, bringing greater revenue to the state
    • Promoting Choice for how businesses ship their goods



Federal funds are provided to states that develop plans of action for their freight and passenger rail networks. If MoDOT chose not to develop a plan, hundreds of millions of dollars would be redirected to other states and the Missouri economy would be severely impacted.  Based on action, strategy and investment, the plan is fueled by data-driven decision-making tools communities can use to build stronger futures.



A Comprehensive Statewide Freight and Rail Plan

Given Missouri’s central national location and abundance of transportation resources available, a combined Freight and Rail Plan identifies strategies for the transportation network to operate harmoniously across all modes. Missouri’s Rail Plan was last updated in 2012 and the State Freight Plan was updated in 2017. Creating a combined State Freight and Rail Plan:

  • Demonstrates how transportation supports, maintains and expands the Missouri economy.
  • Leverages Missouri’s assets for economic growth and improved quality of life.
  • Incentivizes a compelling business case for comprehensive freight investment.
  • Identifies methods to plan and manage a shared freight network.
  • Helps Missouri adapt to quickly changing economic circumstances.
  • Balances freight and passenger rail needs.