Speak Up For Safety Campaign

Submitted by: Kansas City District

Innovation Description and Benefit:

The Kansas City District Communications team worked together to create a coordinated campaign to focus on the Safety Priority 1 policy to encourage MoDOT employees to speak up when it comes to unsafe work practices. The slogan “Speak Up for Safety” was created and paired with a kickoff video, poster, article for The Weekly News and keychains all featuring the slogan to reinforce the desired behavior. The items were presented together at the December leadership team and then distributed to all employees to reinforce this important safety message. After the initial video and poster – more coordinated efforts will be created throughout the following months to reinforce this message and to keep it at the employees’ top of mind.

For More Information Contact

Kansas City District - Communications

Melissa Black at Melissa.Black@modot.mo.gov or 816-607-2153.