Partnership Development Important Dates

Cost Share Committee – Cost Share Program Applications and STAR Loan Applications

Body Coordination date* Application Deadline Meeting Date
Cost Share Committee 1/18/22 4/18/22 6/16/22
Cost Share Committee 4/22/22 7/22/22 9/22/22
Cost Share Committee 7/7/22 10/7/22 12/8/22
Cost Share Committee 1/14/23 4/14/23 6/15/23

*Applicants are recommended to begin discussions with MoDOT District contact and Department of Economic Development Regional contact three months prior to the application deadline. A letter of support from the MoDOT District Engineer and Department of Economic Development (if applicable) are required to be submitted with the application. 

Missouri Transportation Finance Corporation

Body Application Deadline Meeting Date
MTFC 08/17/21 10/06/21
MTFC 12/14/21 3/2/22
MTFC 3/15/22 5/4/22
MTFC 8/16/22 10/5/22