Governor's Transportation Cost-Share Program


The purpose of the Governor’s Transportation Cost Share Program is to build partnerships with local communities to pool efforts and resources to deliver road and bridge projects.  This program is funded with a General Revenue appropriation from the General Assembly. Ten percent (10%) is set-aside for projects that demonstrate economic development.  The Cost Share Committee works cooperatively with the Missouri Department of Economic Development (DED) to select projects with the greatest economic benefit to the State.  The Committee consists of the Chief Engineer, Chief Financial Officer, Assistant Chief Engineer, and two members selected by the Director. The projects are then recommended for approval by the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission (MHTC).  

The General Assembly originally appropriated $50 million in general revenue for the program. The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission approved 19 applications for the cost-share funds at their January 8, 2020 meeting. One applicant subsequently withdrew its project, and the commission approved a replacement project for $2.1 million at its April 2020 meeting.

However, due to revenue shortfalls related to COVID-19, the FY 2021 appropriation was reduced by 50% to $25 million, enough to fund nine of the 20 projects. The remaining applications previously awarded by the Commission were put on hold until further funding became available.  As a result of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act), $25 million has been made available in the State Road Fund to fund the remaining applications.