Our Safety Commitments


SAFETY:  Keep citizens and employees safe

MoDOT has established wide-reaching safety programs, including Buckle Up Phone Down and Behavior Based Safety, which will be continued. Other initiatives, such as the development of statewide standard operating procedures for safety will begin in early 2018.


  • Employee injury count
  • Highway segment fatality and injury count
  • System reliability metrics   

Improve Safety Culture

Buckle Up Phone Down

In 2016, 947 people were killed in Missouri traffic crashes – six out of ten of those fatalities were unbuckled. In a survey that same year, seven out of ten admitted using a smart phone while driving...

Behavior Based Safety

One of the primary concerns at MoDOT is the ultimate safety of motorists and employees alike. From 2004 to 2014, MoDOT dropped from more than 500 incidents per year to less than 300. But incident numb...

District Training Academy Pilot

The Maintenance Training Academy is a new approach to getting new employees to the point they are working safely and productively.  MoDOT workers are exposed to hazards such as traffic moving at high ...

Development of Statewide Safety Standard Operating Procedures

This initiative seeks to align MoDOT’s processes and practices with the priority theme of Safety and it’s charge to “Provide a world-class transportation system that is safe”  Work in this endeavor wi...

Use Innovation to Improve Work Zone and System-Wide Safety

Autonomous Truck-Mounted Attenuators and Flagger Vehicles

MoDOT’s commitment to safety applies equally to members of its work crew as it does to the general public. In 2012, MoDOT implemented use of rear-mounted attenuators because its work zone vehicles ten...

Impactful Safety Techniques Through a Design-Build Program Structure

During the last ten years, 8,752 motorists left on a trip in Missouri, but never made it to their destination. MoDOT's St. Louis District developed a bold strategy to implement Missouri's Blueprint: A...

Improve Partnerships with Other Agencies and Leverage Private Sector

Using Predictive Analytics for Enforcement and Winter Operations Resources

The Missouri Predictive Crash Analysis Study (MoPACS) integrates with several current databases such as STARS, RITIS, and highway patrol automatic vehicle location (AVL). This integration with other s...