Safety Assessment for Every Roadway (SAFER)

Safety Champion

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chief safety and operations officer becky allmeroth
Becky Allmeroth
Chief Safety and Operations Officer
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Missouri Department of Transportation

105 W. Capitol Ave.

Jefferson City, MO 65102

Phone: (573)-751-2803

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Project Manager

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jon nelson
Jon Nelson
Assistant to State Highway Safety & Traffic Engineer
Highway Safety and Traffic
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Purpose of the Project:

MoDOT is committed to prioritizing safety for all users of the state transportation system. While the majority of traffic fatalities involve some extent of poor decision-making (e.g., lack of seat belt use, excessive speed, etc.), MoDOT can influence the outcomes of crashes by designing roadways and implementing safety features that either prevent crashes or minimize the consequences. While engineering solutions cannot completely compensate for risky behaviors, they are a key component of the safe system approach to eliminate traffic fatalities.

MoDOT typically implements safety improvements through Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) projects. This initiative seeks to accelerate safety of the system by ensuring every STIP project, regardless of scope, considers potential safety improvements. Every project is an opportunity to reinforce a safe system that considers all road users.

In order to gauge progress, the following metrics will be tracked:

  1. The number and percentage of projects incorporating safety improvements.
  2. The total funds programmed for safety improvements; and
  3. The anticipated reductions in fatalities and serious injuries.

To date, the following progress has been made:

  • The SAFER tool has been discussed with all districts for use during project scoping, estimating, and design. The tool has been promoted during district meetings, webinars, statewide meetings, and other events.
  • Based on feedback from MoDOT districts and divisions, the tool continues to be refined in order to make the process more efficient, inclusive, and consistent. Currently, the Highway Safety and Traffic Division is working to develop additional values the district can use when estimating and quantifying the impacts of certain safety improvements.
  • For the draft 2024-2028 STIP, safety improvements were reported on 423 projects. This is 28% of the total projects, up from 24% in the previous STIP. A total of $489 million in safety improvements were included in the 423 projects. For the projects in which the safety benefits were calculated, the cumulative benefit cost ratio was 7.1 to 1.