Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission Meeting

MHTC Meeting, July 10, 2024. Upcoming meetings will be streamed the day of the commission meeting. If you see a previous meeting below, you'll need to refresh your browser to see the live meeting when it is scheduled to begin.


If you are experiencing issues with the stream, please submit your feedback here

or you can text (only) your issues to (573) 508-8812.

Troubleshooting / Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is the sound distorted or garbled?

  • If you are using your built in computer speakers, try plugging in headphones or an external speaker.
  • Try turning down the volume.


Some of the presenters or speakers are quiet.

  • Sometimes people forget to unmute or sit back away from the microphone.  In these cases, you may need to adjust your volume until the situation is corrected.


I see last month’s meeting.

  • Refresh the browser page until the current meeting is displayed.  Please note that the meetings do not go live until 5-10 minutes prior to the start of the meeting.


I have refreshed but do not see the meeting video.

  • A screen with the current date and a message saying the meeting will begin momentarily will be displayed until the meeting actually begins.  If you see this screen, you are on the current meeting, which should begin soon.


Sometimes I get a frozen screen with a spinning circle.

  • Make sure you have a good internet connection.  If on wi-fi, try plugging into the network for a wired connection.


If you are continue experiencing issues with the stream, please submit your feedback here.