Memorial Highway and Bridge Program- Legislature Process

An applicant or organization must first pick his or her desired section of highway or bridge location he or she wishes to have designated. To confirm availability of the desired section of highway or bridge, please contact the Missouri Department of Transportation, Highway Safety and Traffic Division, at 1-888-275-6636. If the desired section of highway or bridge location is available, the applicant or organization then must contact his or her Legislator to introduce to Legislation to designate a highway or bridge on Missouri’s state highway system honoring fallen law enforcement officers, members of the armed forces killed in the line of duty, emergency personnel killed while performing duties relating to their employment, or state employees killed while serving the state. If not meeting the requirements, please proceed to the application process. Contact with the Legislator needs to be made while he or she is in session, January through mid-May. The proposed bill must pass both chambers of the Legislation and be signed into law by the Governor. Once signed, the bill will become effective on August 28th of that year.

The proposed memorial name may be subject to sign design limitation of the sign. Including prefixes, ranks, and titles dramatically reduces the legend size of the proposed name, resulting in the letters becoming compressed together causing difficulty for the motorists to easily identify the memorial name from the roadway.

No bridge or section of highway on the state highway system may be designated after more than one individual, event, place or organization. Each individual, event, place or organization shall only be eligible for one bridge or highway designation.

Payment of these signs is to be made by private donations and must be received before signs can be fabricated and installed.  All fees shall be submitted to the Missouri Department of Transportation and made payable to “Director of Revenue—Credit State Road Fund”, the Missouri Department of Transportation’s account. Cash will not be accepted. The payment covers the cost of constructing, installing, and maintaining the proposed signs. There is no expiration for these signs due to the Governor having passed and signed the bill into law designating the memorial.

Two signs shall be installed marking the beginning of each end of highway section or bridge. All signs remain the property of the Missouri Department of Transportation.

An applicant may organize a dedication ceremony and may request a sign be unveiled at the ceremony by contacting MoDOT’s District Communications.  The District Communications staff will assist to coordinate the transport of one memorial sign to be unveiled.  The sign will be delivered and picked up during normal MoDOT business hours and installed on right of way after the ceremony is complete.  If the applicant requests the ceremony take place on MoDOT right of way, the District Communications staff will assist in locating a safe location for the ceremony.