Drunk Driving Victim (David's Law)

This program allows memorial markers to be placed along state-maintained roadways for any victim killed on a state highway as a result of a vehicular accident caused by an impaired driver. MoDOT’s Highway Safety and Traffic Division review the applications and its supporting documentation for approval. A marker may not be installed in memory of an individual who themselves were impaired.

a screenshot of the memorial designation map

Memorial Designation Map

Check our online map for availability of open roadways ready for designating.   

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Program Information
  • Application
    • Application, participation fee and supporting documentation must be submitted together.
    • MoDOT reviews and approves the application. 
    • Falsifying information on an application will void the request and result in loss of fees and sign installation. 
    • If application is not approved, 100 percent of the payment is refunded.
  • Memorial Name –
    • Proposed name is first, middle and last name initials only.
    • The date the crash occurred will be displayed next to the honoree’s initials.
  • Sign Information –
    • One marker will be installed for a given victim of an impaired driver close to the location where the accident occurred.
    • If multiple victims, two markers may be installed on the post at the discretion of MoDOT.
      • Each memorial marker requires an application and participation fee.
    • The marker will be placed to the right side of the roadway, in the direction of travel, parallel to the roadway.
    • MoDOT determines the sign location to ensure safe operation of the highway system.
    • Each sign will have a white legend on a blue background
    • Once markers are received form the manufacturer, allow 120 days for marker installations, weather permitting.
    • A photo image of the installed sign will be provided electronically to the applicant’s email, if provided to MoDOT’s Highway Safety and Traffic Division
    • Signs remain in place for 10 years and may be renewed for an additional 10 years
      • At 9 years, a second application and application fee is required to renew the memorial.
  • Participation Fee –
    • One Marker is $600.00 and is due with submission of application.
    • Payment is made by private donations, from organizations or by family members.
    • Fee covers cost of constructing, installing and maintaining the marker.
  • Payment made payable to MoDOT’s Account:  Director of Revenue – Credit State Road Fund.
  • Verify roadway availability, click here or contact MoDOT’s Highway Safety & Traffic Division at (573) 751-7643.
  • Copy of MO Law Enforcement’s Report or other supporting documentation signifying one of the vehicle operators involved in the crash was impaired.
  • Written consent from the honoree’s immediate family authorizing the designation, if designating after a victim.

An alternative to the Drunk Driving Victim (David’s Law) program, families or individuals requesting may consider joining the Adopt-A-Highway program by adopting a section of roadside. The benefits of joining the Adopt-A-Highway program, the family receives two signs at no cost. To learn more the Adopt-A-Highway program, click here.


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