Heroes Way Designation Program

This program allows state-maintained highway interchanges, bridges or segments of highway to be designated for Missouri residents, who were in the armed forces and were killed in action. No interchange, bridge or segment of highway may be designated more than once including existing memorials designated on state system under MoDOT’s Memorial Designation Programs. 

a screenshot of the memorial designation map

Memorial Designation Map

Check our online map for availability of open roadways ready for designating.   

To search for a specific route, click here.  

Program Information 
  • Application – 
    • Application, participation fee and supporting documentation must be submitted together.
    • MoDOT reviews the application, and the Joint Committee on Transportation Oversight conducts final review and approval. 
    • Falsifying information on an application will void the request and result in loss of fees and sign installation. 
    • If application is not approved, 97 percent of the payment is refunded.
  • Memorial Name –
    • Proposed name is first name, middle initial and last name.
    • Ranks and titles are optional and are subject to design limitations.
    • Branch of service will be displayed under the honoree name.
  • Sign Information –
    • Two signs will be installed marking each Heroes Way memorial.
      • Interchange – one sign each placed within the triangle area between the mainline and ramp of      interchange designation.
      • Bridge or Highway – one sign each marking the beginning of each end of the bridge or highway. 
    • MoDOT determines the sign location to ensure safe operation of the highway system.
    • Each sign will be a white legend on a green background
    • Allow 9 to 12 weeks for sign fabrication and installation.
    • A photo image of the installed sign will be provided electronically to the applicant’s email, if provided to MoDOT’s Highway Safety and Traffic Division
    • Signs remain in place for 20 years and may be renewed for an additional 20 years.
      • At 19 years, a second application and application fee is required to renew the memorial.
  • Participation Fee
    • Standard Signs (6’ x 3’) is $4,000.00 for two signs and due with submission of application.
    • Optional Signs (8’ x 3’) is $4,800.00 for two signs and due with submission of application.
      • These signs accommodate fallen military soldier’s rank and full name, which may not fit on the standard sign.
      • These signs have an increase in costs, due to the increase of sign size and larger post required to support the signs.
      • The route must be able to accommodate the larger sign; MoDOT determines its final eligibility. (If the standard sign is required, MoDOT will reimburse the difference in cost between the standard sign and the optional sign.)
    • Payment is made by private donations, from organizations or by family members.
    • Fee covers cost of constructing, installing and maintaining the signs
    • Payment made payable to MoDOT’s Account:  Director of Revenue – Credit State Road Fund
  • Sign Unveiling –
    • Upon request, MoDOT will provide a no-cost PDF file of the memorial dedication sign, provided completion of the PDF terms and condition declaration.  
  • Verify roadway availability, click here or contact MoDOT’s Highway Safety and Traffic Division at (573) 751-7643.
  • Honoree must have been a Missouri resident in the US Armed Forces.
  • Applicants are required to have legislative sponsorship supporting the designation.
    • To find your local Representative, click here
    • To find your local Senator, click here.
  • Documentation affirming the soldier was a Missouri resident and a member of the U.S. Armed Forces killed in action. 
  • Written consent from the honoree’s family authorizing the designation, if designating after an individual.

MoDOT’s commitment as program administrator is dedicated to supporting families in honoring their loved one who so bravely gave their life protecting our freedom and provide comfort, direction and healing to grieving families within the memorial designation program.


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