Litter Facts

"Litterbugs" can be found among people of every age, sex, race and ethnic origin, at every level of society and in all geographic locations.

  • Litter threatens the quality of our environment and is a problem that affects everyone in the community.
  • Litter costs money. In 2022, litter cleanup cost the Missouri Department of Transportation $7.7 million and is projected to cost $9 million in 2023.  
  • Litter destroys the beauty of the community. Tourism is important to Missouri and its economy. Litter can give a poor impression to visitors.  
  • Litter is a safety hazard and can act as a breeding ground for fire and disease. 
  • Litter can impact insurance rates as accidents can result from litter debris. 
  • Litter can discourage the opportunity for economic development and impacts real estate values. Businesses will not locate in a community that appears blighted based on the amount of trash and where the community lacks in pride to effectively control litter problems.