Guide to U.S. Route 54 Improvement Projects in Jefferson City

U.S. Route 54 is a busy corridor in Jefferson City and several improvements are planned to enhance safety, ease congestion, and prolong the life expectancy of roads and bridges in the area. 

In 2024, construction is scheduled to begin on five projects ranging from bridge rehabilitation to adding an additional lane of travel. 


Construction of the base for a third lane on eastbound U.S. Route 54 is complete  – but it will not be drivable until late summer. The base of the roadway is complete, but until the asphalt overlay is placed on top of the base, temporary traffic control devices will be in place to prevent drivers from using the unfinished lane.


As construction progresses, motorists may encounter lane, ramp, and bridge closures along with narrowed lanes, width restrictions, and reduced speeds. 

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Latest News

  • Wehmeyer Drive at Route 94 in Jefferson City now open


    JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.Construction crews completed safety improvements to Wehmeyer Drive at Missouri Route 94 in Jefferson City and reopened the road today 

    Wehmeyer Drive has been realigned with the entrance to Hitachi Energy and a left-turn lane...

2024 Projects on U.S. Route 54 in Jefferson City

U.S. Route 54 Eastbound Expansion

Improvements, such as adding an additional lane of travel, are needed to create a safer, more efficient, and more reliable flow for the high volume of traffic using U.S. Route 54 in North Jefferson Ci...

U.S. Route 54 Bridge Washing over the Missouri River

Washing the eastbound and westbound bridges on U.S. Route 54 over the Missouri River in Cole and Callaway counties is a necessary part of maintaining the structures. The cleaning and flushing are done...

U.S. Route 54 Bridge Rehabilitation over U.S. Route 50

Rehabilitation work on the U.S. Route 54 bridges over U.S. Route 50 (locally known as the tri-level) and McCarty Street will include joint and deck repairs and a concrete overlay.

U.S. Route 63/Missouri Route 94, Route H, and Route W Bridge Rehabilitations ov…

Callaway County Route W, U.S. Route 63/Missouri Route 94, and Callaway County Route H bridges over U.S. Route 54 are in need of repairs to extend their lifespan and improve drivability and safety.

U.S. Route 54 Pavement Resurfacing

Resurfacing U.S. Route 54 from the Missouri River Bridge to north of Interstate 70 in Callaway County.

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Future projects

U.S. Route 54 Westbound Expansion

Improvements under consideration include expanding the westbound traveled way and reconfiguring the ramps for a safer and improved flow of traffic.