Traffic Incident Management Training

Across the U.S. three injury crashes occur every minute, putting incident responders potentially in harm's way. Congestion from these incidents can cause secondary crashes, which increases traveler delay and frustration. The longer responders remain at the scene, the greater the risk they, and the traveling public face.

The Federal Highway Administration has started a national training program to help improve the safety of people who respond to incidents on roadways. This training program is building a group of well-trained responders who can work together as a team to safely deploy response vehicles and equipment, protect themselves and the traveling public and quickly and efficiently clear the scene.

The Traffic Incident Management Training brings together police, firefighters, state and local departments of transportation, towing, medical personnel and other responders who support traffic incidents.

MoDOT has coordinated classes for local emergency responders.  To sign up, please click the link below:

Traffic Incident Management Training Registration