St. Louis Mobility Scorecard

Every quarter, the Missouri Department of Transportation creates a mobility report for the greater St. Louis area. This mobility report looks at various indicators in the region that helps indicate how traffic is moving into and through the St. Louis area.

Some items evaluated include:

  • The impact of major and moderate work zones
  • The average amount of time to clear roadway incidents
  • The average amount of time to clear incidents with crashed tractor-trailers
  • Where, specifically, incidents and crashes happen.
  • Average speeds and congestion on major and minor routes during rush periods, and when/where the greatest congestion occurs.

These help the department better manage resources, identify areas which may need improvements, assess work zones and improve the efficiency of emergency teams responding to major incidents.  This helps the department meet its mission of “providing a world-class transportation system that is safe, innovative, reliable and dedicated to a prosperous Missouri.”