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New Madrid
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A logo representing the Bootheel Bridge ProjectSoutheast Missouri travelers can soon expect to see 17 bridge improvement projects coming to fruition through the Bootheel Bridge Bundle design-build project. Thirteen bridges in the Bootheel Bridge Bundle are included in Governor Mike Parson’s $351 million Focus on Bridges program, which will repair or replace 250 bridges across the state.

Bootheel Bridge Bundle Project Goals

- Deliver the project within the program budget of $25.5 million on or before December 31, 2023.

- Use innovation to maximize the number of locations to be addressed while providing quality structures sensitive to location and traffic.

- Minimize public inconvenience through increased construction speed and flexibility in scheduling.

- Improve safety at each location.

Contact Us

For more information, please email the Robertson Contractors Team at or call Travis Slayton, project manager for the Robertson Contractors Team, at (573) 785-0880.

Project Timelines

Reynolds County: Route K bridge over Black River
Open to Traffic April 20, 2021
Bollinger County: Route 51 bridges over Castor River & Castor River Overflow
Open to Traffic Sept. 24, 2021
Dunklin County: Route DD bridges over St. Francis Slough and St. Francis River
Slough: Open to Traffic Sept. 9, 2021
River: Open to Traffic March 31, 2022
Pemiscot County: Bridge Replacements on Route EE
Open to Traffic Jan. 5, 2023
St. Francois County: Route NN over Indian Creek
Open to Traffic June 8, 2022
St. Francois County: U.S. 67 Bridge over Route 8
Open to Traffic Aug. 27, 2022
Butler County: Route W over Black River
Open to Traffic Sept. 13, 2022
In Progress
Mississippi County: Route B Bridge over I-57
Feb. 13 - June 30, 2023, weather permitting
New Madrid County: Route 153 Bridges
Drainage Ditch #44: Open to Traffic May 16, 2023
Drainage Ditch #8: Open to Traffic May 10, 2023

News Release

Motorists are advised to use continued caution when traveling and to watch for construction crews, as work will continue in the area until Monday, May 22. 

Completion Anticipated
on or before Dec. 31, 2023

MHTC Selects Team to Deliver $21.3 Million Bootheel Bridge Bundle Project

Robertson Contractors Team to Improve Bridges Across Southeast Missouri

During the August 2020 Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission meeting, the Robertson Contractors Team, headquartered in Poplar Bluff, Missouri was selected to design and construct the $21.3 million project. The Robertson Contractors Team is comprised of Robertson Contractors, Inc., Horner & Shifrin and Penzel Construction Company, Inc.

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County Location Bridge number FOCUS Bridge
Mississippi Route B over I-57 A0236 Yes
St. Francois Route 67 over Route 8 A0654 Yes
Cape Girardeau Route A over Whitewater River L0567 Yes
St. Francois Route NN over Indian Creek L0329 Yes
Bollinger Route 51 over Castor River J0103 Yes
Bollinger Route 51 over Castor River Overflow J0104 No
Butler Route W over Black River F0559 Yes
Reynolds Route K over Black River T1000 Yes
Dunklin Route DD over St. Francis River A2382 Yes
Dunklin Route DD over St. Francis River (Slough) S0882 Yes
Pemiscot Route EE over Drainage Ditches 1, 251, 258, 259 and 65 P0473, P0474, P0475, P0476 and P0477 Yes, except for DD 65 (P0477)
New Madrid  Route 153 over Drainage Ditch #44* T0037 No
New Madrid  Route 153 over Drainage Ditch #8* S0676 No


Due to the innovative nature of design-build projects, MoDOT initially identified 10 more bridges as potential add-ons to increase the value of the project. Contractor teams submitted proposals detailing their plans for the 15 primary bridges and selected potential add-on bridges to also address. 

Two of the alternate bridges will be improved through the Bootheel Bridge Bundle design-build project, in addition to the 15 primary bridges.

* denotes alternate bridges selected

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