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MCE New Credentialing System - January 2022

A new MCE online credentialing system arrives in mid-January 2022. The functions of the credentialing system include:

  • IRP apportioned plates
  • IFTA fuel tax
  • Missouri Intrastate Operating Authority

In order to remove the current system, then install and prepare the new , MoDOT will close the credentialing functions of the online MoDOT Carrier Express system beginning at 11 p.m., Wednesday., Jan. 12, 2022, through 7:30 a.m., Wednesday., Jan. 19, 2022.* While the system is offline, credentialing agents will be unavailable as they perform closeout activities and ready the new system for operation. 

OSOW functions in MoDOT Carrier Express remain operational and both OSOW agents and MCS Safety & Compliance investigators will be available by telephone.

*Dates are subject to change

    Improvements to the credentialing functions include:

    • Ability to upload supporting documentation directly into the online system and see that it is received
    • Ability to monitor the progress of pending transactions using a new customer dashboard - No need to call MoDOT for an update on the status of your request!
    • Easier more instinctive transaction steps and navigation
    • A more streamlined payment process


    New Credentialing System

    Frequently Asked Questions

    No. You will log into the new system using the same user ID and password as the current system.

    Yes. MCS is converting all outstanding invoices and credits to the new system.

    No. You will continue to use the same decals, licenses, license plates and cab cards.

    The HWWT system was recently upgraded. The HWWT system can be accessed from the MCE Common Customer as it currently is. 

    Yes. MoDOT will offer free webinars in late December and early January. Visit for sign up opportunities starting in December 2021.

    Most credentials will look the same or very similar. MCS will inform IRP, Inc., IFTA, Inc. and roadside enforcement about any changes in appearance to credentials. Credentials issued before the system installation are valid through their expiration.

    Yes. Post card reminders will continue to alert you to important filing dates. Even better, the new credentialing system’s user dashboard will remind you of vital dates as well.

    The new credentialing system is compatible with Edge (preferred), Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

    Yes. The fees charged for credit card and ECheck are from the credit card company. They will not change with the new credentialing system.

    No. You will continue to file your UCR in the National UCR Registration System at

    MoDOT Carrier Express’ credentialing system is at the end of its useful life. Introduced in 2004, it served us well. The new system addresses motor carriers’ requests for improvements – such as direct upload of documents – using technology that wasn’t available 17 years ago.

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    Renewing and updating your apportioned license plate account will soon be much easier! Upload supporting documents directly into a renewal and follow the progress of your transactions using the handy dashboard. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    No. All of the credentialing functions of MoDOT Carrier Express, including IRP, will be out of service while we remove the old system, install the new and prepare it for operation. 

    No. All credentialing functions in MoDOT Carrier Express will be out of service for during the cutover period. No accounts can be reinstated or changed until January 19. Plan to have all critical transactions completed before January 10.

    No. IRP renewal application and supporting documents for plates that expire March 31 are due January 1. Those who file or complete document submittal any later are subject to a late fee. 

    A processing delay is possible on transactions filed the week before the cutover period (January 5-11) . Any transaction not fully processed prior to the installation of the new system will carry over and be worked in the order received starting January 19.
    HOWEVER, if your license plates expire March 31 and you are unable to meet the Jan. 1 application deadline before Jan. 5, we encourage you to file for renewal using the new system starting January 19. While you would be subject to the late fee, you would have the advantage of loading supporting documents directly into the new system and tracking the progress through completed renewal. 

    No. During the cutover period, MoDOT Carrier Express credentialing transactions are unavailable. We will be unable to assist you as we are busy taking down the old, the installing and readying the new system for full activation. 
    You may continue to email documents, however those items and any questions emailed  during the cutover will remain unanswered until Jan. 19.
    Please keep in mind that the new system will allow you to upload documents directly into your account. You might consider holding anything you currently email and upload it instead, starting Jan. 19.

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    MoDOT's new credentialing system will make filing IFTA more instinctive, plus, you can check your account with a quick login. No more need to wait on hold!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    No. All credentialing functions in MoDOT Carrier Express will be out of service during the cutover period. We strongly encourage you to file your IFTA tax return between Jan. 19 and Jan. 31 to take advantage of the improved filing system.

    No. Although the system will be out of service for three business days, 12 days remain following the cutover during which you may complete your filing. We strongly encourage you to file your IFTA tax return between Jan. 19 and Jan. 31 to take advantage of the improved filing system.

    Although you are free to file January 1-12, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of the improved system and file your IFTA return Jan. 19 - 31.
    If you file in the current system, you might not be able to amend or change the return in the new system.
    If you file early in the month, please ensure your filing is absolutely correct and complete.

    Yes. Data from the previous system will convert to the new system. You will be able to retrieve records from prior to the cutover.

    No. The credentialing system cannot be accessed by anyone during the transition period. While the MCE credentialing system is out of service, trip and fuel permits cannot be issued either by MoDOT or the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

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    For-hire motor carriers transporting property or passengers in intrastate commerce obtain Missouri Operating Authority. 

    Check back for more OPA content.