Tier II Section 1

Section 1 is the westernmost section of the I-70 study corridor. It stretches between I-470, near Independence, and Highway 131 in Odessa.

This Jackson County section of I-70 includes rapidly growing areas, including Blue Springs, Oak Grove and Grain Valley. Once rural communities, they are now centers for business, transit and truck operations, and new housing.

Begin: Independence, I-470, Exit 15
End: Odessa, Route 131, Exit 37
Length: 24 miles
Study: Environmental Assessment (EA)

Increased traffic demands are one of the critical elements of Improve I-70 in this area, as is coordinating with the I-70 Major Investment Study (MIS), which explored options for improving I-70 between Jackson County’s eastern boundary and the downtown loop in Kansas City, Missouri.

Further west in Lafayette County lies Odessa, home of a local outlet mall. Increased traffic on this stretch of I-70 raises critical issues relative to its redesign and reconstruction, including maintenance of traffic and potential impacts to businesses. The Section 1 team will be working closely with communities, businesses and residents to address the needs for access, traffic capacity, and safety for the traveling public.

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