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U.S. Route 169

Project Progress

Design, Right of Way Acquisition and Public Input
PUBLIC INFORMATION OPEN HOUSE was held Nov. 15, 2018, at the Union Star School

MoDOT engineers are designing a new structure to replace the current Third Fork Platte River Bridge.

Contractors bid on the project

The project was part of our February 2019 letting. At that time, contractors were able to submit competitive bids for the project.

Contract awarded

At their March meeting, the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission reviewed all qualifying bids for the project. The lowest bidder who met all required criteria was awarded the contract for the bridge replacement project. The project was awarded to Boone Construction Company in the amount of $1,057,003.00.

Contractor has authority to begin work

The contractor may begin work as early as March 25, 2019, by contract, though an exact schedule of work has not been determined yet.

Bridge closed

The bridge will be closed for construction. The exact date and length of the closure will be determined when MoDOT engineers meet with the contractor. By contract, the bridge may be closed 96 calendar days. The bridge reopened to all traffic June 9, 2019.


By contract, the contractor must have all work completed before Dec. 1, 2019.

The bridge opened to all traffic June 9, 2019.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why is MoDOT closing the road during construction?

A. Closing the road at both bridges saves taxpayer money by allowing the contractor to work more efficiently. This will result in a shorter construction period.


Q. How long will the road be closed?

A. The exact timing of the closure has not been established yet. A maximum closure time of 96 days is part of the contract to which the contractor must adhere.


Q. What is the detour?

A. A signed detour is planned over Route M and Route 48.


Q. Why not build a bypass?

A. Based on the cost/benefit ration, building a bypass would not be a prudent use of taxpayer funds. A bypass also could have negative impacts and disruption to private property.


Q. Who can I contact if I have further questions?

A. Questions about the project may be directed to CUstomer Service at:

Q. How can I stay updated on the project's progress?

A. Sign up for project-specific updates using the form below