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Project Update: 3/5/2022

Phase 5 of this project is scheduled to start back up on Tuesday, March 29th. 

Crews will  be working on Route 92 from Route C to Plattsburg Rd. 

Route 92 will be fully closed in that section with access to local traffic only. 

Detours will be posted on State routes.  

This is all tentative and weather permitting. 

Project Update: 11/24/2021

Crews have opened Phase 6 (Kearney side) 

Crews have already completed Phase 1 (Smithville side)

There should not be anymore closures during the winter months. 

There's several remaining phases:

Phase 5 - Plattsburg Rd to Route A

Phase 4 Route A to Route C

Route 3 Route C to Eastern Rd.

Phase 2 Eastern Rd. to Mount Olivet 

Project Update: 7/30/2021

Crews have closed Plattsburbg Rd. to Nations Rd. in order to do the following work:

  • Widening the road from 11 feet to 12 feet
  • Replacing box and pipe culverts
  • Resurfacing the area and regrading ditches

Motorists can follow the signed detour, which includes taking I-35 south to Highway 291 to A Highway.

Tentative completion date for the work and the project, Sept. 30


Project Update: 06/14/2021 *****Correction*****

This project has not been delayed, but is in fact moving forward.

Crews are working to finish Phase 1. Crews hope to have this phase completed by July. 

Project Update: 06/09/2021

Phase 1 of this project has been delayed for several weeks due in part to 12 straight days of rain. Crews will resume work July 2. 

Project Update: 8/13/2021

Residents who live in the Oakwood Estates Subdivision should exit to the west towards Plattsburg Road.

MoDOT will have flaggers out to help direct traffic around work equipment


MoDOT has posted a 20 mph speed limit in the closure to help increase safety


MoDOT has filled in the shoulder on the south side of the road so there is no longer a drop off


MoDOT plans to have the shoulder on the north side paved with asphalt on Saturday, weather pending.


Project Update 5/10/2021

All lanes of eastbound and westbound Route 92 between Liberty St. and Mount Olivet Rd.,  will remain closed through Friday, June 18 for road improvements. This will be a 24/7 road closure. Motorists should look for alternate routes. 

Project Update 3/16/2021

Crews will close all lanes of eastbound and westbound Route 92 between Liberty St. and Mount Olivet Rd., from Monday, March 22 and continue through Saturday, May 1 for road improvements. This will be a 24/7 road closure. Motorists should look for alternate routes. 

Public Hearing set for Feb. 13

Citizens are invited to attend a public hearing on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 concerning roadway improvements on Route 92 from Liberty Street in Smithville to Nation Road in Kearney, Missouri.  The hearing will be held from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Kearney City Hall located at 100 E Washington St in Kearney, Missouri 64060. The public hearing is an open-house meeting, which means no formal presentations will be made.

Why is MoDOT doing this project? 

Working together as partners in safety, the Missouri Department of Transportation conducted a Road Safety Audit on Route 92 between US 169 and US 69 the fall of 2016. 

A Road Safety Audit (RSA) is a low-cost, proactive tool that can be very beneficial for improving the safety on the roadways. It is a formal safety examination of an existing roadway segment conducted by an independent, multidisciplinary review team.

The goals of the RSA is to identify safety concerns, generate a list of possible countermeasures to address those concerns, and present findings for considered implementation. The objective of an RSA is not to redesign the project, but rather to identify proactive ways to enhance the safety of the facility. The multidisciplinary team included members from law enforcement, local entities, school districts, county officials and the public.

The outcome of the Road Safety Audit concluded that improved lane and shoulder widths, strategically improve site distance for cars turning off of or onto the roadway and add turn lane improvements and culvert extensions were the highest safety priorities for Route 92. 

Route 92 Roadway Improvements

Google Map
Google Map

Route 92

What is MoDOT doing on this project? 

The lanes will be widened to provide 12-foot lanes and 2-foot shoulders between Liberty Street in Smithville and Nation Road in Kearney. The culverts will be lengthened to accommodate the lane improvements.

Turn lanes will be added at Tillman Road (westbound left turn lane), Route C (westbound right turn lane and eastbound left turn lane) and Route A (eastbound right turn lane). 

Site distance will be improved on Route 92 at the intersection of WHB Road and Route 92 and at the intersection of Five Corners Road and Route 92.  Additionally, Route 92 will be resurfaced between Route DD and Nation Road and the centerline and edge-line rumble stripes will be reinstalled.

How will this project benefit me?

Safety along this route will be improved with these changes and additions. 

What impact will this have on traffic?

Due to the limited space to work on Route 92, various road and lane closures will be needed during construction.  Motorist may encounter detours or flagging operations while the work is on-going.  Residents along Route 92 will have access to their property during construction.

What is the time line and cost for this project?

The project is anticipated to begin in calendar year 2020 and be completed by the end of 2021. The construction cost is approximately $7 Million dollars and is funded with MoDOT funding dedicated for Safety Projects and Taking Care of the System Projects. 


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