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Full interchange Now Open, Five Crossovers Closed (December 2018) - The new overpass and all entrance and exit ramps are now open.  As a result, the crossovers at Route P, Peine Road, Grothe Road/Timber Trace and the two Granville Drives located south of the interchange are permanently closed.  Please use the new interchange to access these locations.  At this time there are no plans to close any crossovers north of the new interchange.   

What is the problem on Route 61?

There are five intersections on Route 61 (Peine Road, Route P, Grothe Road and the two crossings at Granville Road) that have high crash rates due to the high rate of speed and volume of traffic.  That makes it difficult for cars to merge in and out of traffic.

What are the improvements being made?

There are several safety improvements being made along the two-and-a-half mile stretch.  Funding for these improvements were approved in 2013.  They include:

• Removing the Route P and Peine Road crossovers and replacing with one interchange to serve both roads. 

• Converting the Grothe Road crossover to a right-in/right-out intersection and extending the merge lanes on Route 61. 

• Converting both Granville Drive crossings to a right-in/right out intersection and extending the southbound Route 61 right turn lane at the eastern Granville Drive crossing.

What kind of traffic impacts can motorists expect?

There will be off-peak lane restrictions throughout the project. In addition, lanes will be narrowed and shifted and temporary by-passes may be necessary to maintain access during construction.  At separate times during construction there will also be full closures of Route P and Peine Road.

When will the project start and when will it be completed?

The project began in late August 2017 and will be completed in the summer of 2019.

What is the cost of the project?

The project was awarded to KCI Construction for $10.9 million. 

The below information was presented at a MoDOT public hearing on November 12, 2015.  Please note some of the information, including the project completion date, has changed since then.

Project Location

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Google Map

Route 61

What about the (unfunded) improvements suggested at the June 2016 public meeting?

MoDOT held a public meeting in June 2016 to outline other safety improvements for Route 61 from Interstate 70 in St. Charles County to South Lincoln Drive in Lincoln County.  At the time none of the improvements were funded.  Below is a list of the suggested improvements and where they stand now for funding. 

1) Make safety improvements to Route W by eliminating left turns from Route W to northbound Route 61 and adding offset left turns from Route 61 to Route W, as well as extending turn and merge lanes and allowing J-turns.  That would allow the elimination of traffic crossings at:

• McHugh/Granville Drive

• North Point Prairie/Farris

• Dietrich

• John Creech - FUNDED

• Crossroads - FUNDED

• Raceway/Himmel - FUNDED

• Auto Sales - FUNDED

2) Extend turn and merge lanes at the following locations:

• Granville Drive South

• Granville Drive North

• Timber Trace/Grothe Road

• McHugh/Granville Drive

• North Point Prairie/Farris

• Dietrich



3) Add median cable devices along or some type of barrier along Rte. 61 in locations from I-70 to Troy where it is most beneficial. - FUNDED FROM I-70 TO THE ST. CHARLES COUNTY LINE AS PART OF THE ST. LOUIS DISTRCT SAFETY DESIGN-BUILD PROJECT/ALSO FUNDED FROM THE ST. CHARLES COUNTY LINE TO SOUTH OF MOSCOW MILLS.



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Area Engineer, St. Charles County
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