No MOre Trash!

No MOre Trash! is Missouri’s statewide litter-prevention campaign, working to clean up Missouri and make it a litter-free state through education, prevention, and cleanup programs. No MOre Trash! is an effort to protect Missouri’s natural beauty and wildlife from the harmful effects of litter.

For more than 20 years, MoDOT has been encouraging people to stop littering by educating them about the negative impacts of litter. Each year, MoDOT spends more than $13 million to remove litter from more than 385,000 acres of roadsides along 34,000 state highway miles. 

Litter poses health risks and creates roadway and waterway safety hazards. It negatively affects property values, housing prices, landscape appearance and overall quality of life. Litter’s environmental consequences harm water quality and plant health, degrade natural areas and hurt wildlife. 

Littering is illegal in Missouri and can result in a fine of up to $1,000 and/or a year in jail. State of Missouri law also requires loads to be covered with penalties for goods or materials that become loose and fall from the vehicle or trailer while being transported.

Litter Facts

  • Litter threatens the quality of our environment.  It is a problem that affects everyone in the community.
  •  Litter costs money. In 2023, litter cleanup cost the Missouri Department of Transportation $13.6 million.   
  • Litter destroys the beauty of the community. Tourism is important to Missouri and its economy. Litter can give a poor impression to visitors.  
  • Litter is a safety hazard. It can act as a breeding ground for fire and disease. 
  • Litter can discourage the opportunity for economic development and impacts real estate values. Businesses may be discouraged to locate in a community that appears blighted based on the amount of trash and where the community lacks in pride to effectively control litter problems.


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