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Eric Schroeter
Assistant Chief Engineer
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Missouri Department of Transportation
105 W. Capitol Ave.
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Phone: 573-526-2903​
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Michael Middleton
Maintenance Liaison Engineer
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Phone: (573) - 508-7952

Purpose of the Project:

  Maintenance staff constitutes about 52% of salaried employment at MoDOT and about 23% of MoDOT’s budget is used to accomplish maintenance-related tasks. The challenges in finding maintenance-related information were substantial due to multiple software programs and difficulty in documenting work.

MoDOT implemented the first phase of the Maintenance Management System (MMS) that is a simple to use web-based program for capturing and reporting work performed by maintenance personnel. As of March 15, 2020, all 191 maintenance areas are utilizing MMS. There are nearly 2,600 maintenance and signal and lighting workers entering their individual daily hours worked, job location and equipment and materials usage. The data acquired from MMS provides timely results of work performed. MMS also provides one location to plan work, access current inventory quantities, evaluate status for routine equipment maintenance and easy accessibility to safety data. The MMS Help Desk provides daily guidance to employees on MMS functions. Due to the many benefits and proficiencies MMS offers, utilization is significantly increasing in all areas of MoDOT.

Phase 2:  Four new modules and Enhancements to current system. 

Calendar year Work Plans were implemented in November 2020 to capture planned maintenance activities and federalized activities. Work Plan Progress and Budget were implemented in June 2021.  In August 2021, a new direction for MMS was requested, to design and develop a Safety Management module within MMS for all MoDOT users. With this transition to all MoDOT users, the system is now referred to as the MoDOT Management System. The safety dashboard was implemented April 11, 2022 followed by a process for reporting incidents within MMS and other Safety Management information. There has been a 65% increase in Safety Training documentation per job title and 400% increase in observations reported.  The Assigning Work module was enhanced in August to identify the required training when assigning a work activity, operator role and equipment. Thirty-five percent of the assigned work alerts have already been addressed by completed course training. Also, a new database for Safety Observations was implemented in September to replace the current Behavioral Based Safety database.

The efforts for designing the new Incident Reporting tool for all employees is nearing the initial testing phases. Anticipated training on the new tool will occur in December with implementation in mid-January.

This emphasis on the Safety Management Module will delay the completion of the remaining Phase 2 modules Ladder, License, Leave and Bridge Work Items beyond the original anticipated implementation date of December 2022.  Also, multiple enhancements are being implemented such as adding Signal and Lighting crews, search capabilities on My Area, Crossing-Midnight and other reporting work improvements.