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Purpose of the Project:

The current SAM II Financial and HR/Payroll system used by state agencies for accounting, budget, procurement, payroll and human resource management was implemented in 1999. SAM II is outdated, difficult to support and no longer satisfies the needs of Missouri state government. Missourians expect to conduct business and interact with the State of Missouri via modern means using online services and mobile devices. A new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool will assist Missouri state government with a digital transformation and serve as a foundation for continued e-government initiatives. The Office of Administration has initiated the procurement process for a new ERP tool that will replace the existing SAM II Financial and HR/Payroll systems. This is a statewide effort and state agencies have been advised to make plans to dedicate resources to the project.

MoDOT has many unique business requirements that distinguish it from other state agencies. These requirements include, producing audited Annual Comprehensive Financial Report, Federal Highway Administration project billing, extensive use of consumable inventories to manage highway maintenance and sign activities, statutory procurement authority to issue formal bids, management of MoDOT/MSHP medical and life benefits, as well as the management of pay policies and salary grid. The selection of the new ERP solution and the successful implementation will be crucial for MoDOT to continue to operate and manage resources in an efficient and fiscally responsible manner.

MoDOT’s Executive Team recognizes the significance of this statewide effort to the department’s business continuity plan and has made the commitment to dedicate the necessary resources to participate alongside the statewide team to ensure a successful outcome for the department.

The State of Missouri has selected Oracle Cloud ERP as the software solution to replace the legacy SAM II system.  The statewide ERP system will include functionality for Budget Development, Financial Management, Procurement, Human Resources, and Payroll.  The State of Missouri selected Accenture as the System Integration Services contractor.

The project schedule includes multiple phases as described below. 

Phase 1 – Budget Development with a go-live date of July 2023

Phase 2 - Finance and Procurement and an early implementation of Learning Management System with a go-live date of July 2024

Phase 3 – HR and Payroll with a go-live date of January 2027