End Terminals, Crash Cushions and Barrier Systems


This website provides general information on crashworthy end terminals and barrier systems meeting NCHRP 350 and/or MASH criteria.

The intent of this site is to provide some general information on approved barrier systems as the information becomes available and to assist MoDOT designers in selecting the most appropriate barrier system for a specific application.



This website is provided for informational purposes only. By providing this information in an electronic format, the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) does not warrant the information to be correct nor inclusive of all systems available meeting NCHRP 350 criteria and FHWA approval. The information on each system is from literature provided by the manufacturers and is not intended to reflect MoDOT policy, standards or endorsement.


By providing this site, the Missouri Department of Transportation does not intend to form a contract with any person, nor shall any of the information be relied upon by any person as forming a part of any contract.

Qualified Products Listing

The end terminals and crash cushions shown in the table below have been classified into five groups: Types A, B, C, D and E. This classification is used by MoDOT for specification purposes and does not reflect any national standard. Descriptions of the categories may be found in MoDOT’s Engineering Policy Guide (EPG). Sand Barrels are listed as a separate category, as are workzone devices and cable barriers.

Clicking on the links within the table below will access the manufacturer's website or other information for most products. Contact information for the manufacturers may be accessed by clicking on the column headings.

Please note that the products listed are accepted as reviewed and any modification to the current product will need to be provided to the Missouri Department of Transportation with full documentation and reviewed again by the MASH Implementation Team.

End Terminals Crash Cushions* Sand Barrels Work Zone Devices Cable Barrier Systems
Type A Type B Type C Type D Type E Crash Cushions Barriers
NCHRP 350 MASH NCHRP 350 NCHRP 350 (1) MASH (2) NCHRP 350 (1) MASH (2) NCHRP 350 (1) MASH (2) NCHRP 350 MASH NCHRP 350 (1) MASH (2) NCHRP 350 MASH
FLEAT SoftStop CAT-350 ADIEM TAU-M QuadGuard
QuadGuard® Elite M10 (24in) REACT 350 REACT M Energite System ABSORB 350 SLED Guardian Safety Barrier Zoneguard Brifen
(Only 46'-10 1/2")
FLEAT-MT QuadGuard II QuadGuard
M10 (24in)
TAU-II-R QuadGuard® Elite M10 (69in) Wide REACT 350 SCI100GM (Smart Cushion) Big Sandy NEAT ABSORB-M OTW MB350 Defender Barrier CASS
SRT-350 QUEST QuadGuard M
Wide (69in)
HEART REACT 350 II CrashGard Triton Barrier CET Water-Cable Gibraltar
TAU-II Delta Yodock Traffic Control System NU-CABLE
TRACC Family BarrierGate SAFENCE
X-TENuator Triton Barrier

* Crash Cushions devices are arranged in ascending categories: Type B is the lowest category of crash cushion device and Type E is the highest category of crash cushion device. Higher category crash cushion devices can be substituted for lower category device, if all necessary accommodations for installations are made and the installation is in compliance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

(1) NCHRP 350 installations are being discontinued after the November 2020 letting, unless the required MASH crash cushion width is unavailable on the approved list above. Any non-MASH crash cushion shall be approved by the engineer.
(2) MASH installations are required for projects let December 2020 and after.


FHWA Acceptance and Approval Letters

The following links allow you to access FHWA Acceptance and Approval Letters for Roadside Safety devices. FHWA approved devices are not to be used in place of MoDOT's QPL.

 Barrier Terminals/Crash Cushions

 Longitudinal Barriers

 Luminaire Supports

 Sign Supports

 Work Zone Devices


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