Counties Impacted
St. Louis City
St. Louis
Project Status
Planning Phase
Route Impacted
Interstate 55

Project Milestones

In Progress
Final design plans developed

The plans for the bridge maintenance and how traffic will move through the work zone during construction  get determined during this process. This is expected to be complete in fall 2021

In Progress
Public meeting

Since this project will impact several of the trails along the interstate for short periods of time as part of maintenance, MoDOT is planning to hold an informational public meeting on this project.  The virtual public meeting is June 10 between 4 and 7 p.m.  Information will be available to review and comment upon until June 24.

Not Started
Construction begins

Once the project has been put out for bid, and the qualified contractor with the lowest bid is selected, the project will start.  This should happen in spring 2022.

Not Started
North section (Pestalozzi to Potomac) shift starts

Work will begin on the bridges at the north end of the project in 2022.  The roadway will be reduced to two lanes in each direction and will shift between  Pestalozzi and Potomac.  Traffic will first shift to the northbound side to work on the southbound bridges, and then will shift to the southbound side to work on the northbound side.

Not Started
North traffic shift ends

Traffic will shift back to its regular configuration between late fall 2022 and early spring 2023 to reduce impacts due to wintry weather.

Not Started
South section shifts starts

Traffic shifts in the south section of the project (currently planned for 2023).  The shift will be in two places: Virginia to River Des Peres and Green Park to Grants Trail. One lane will be closed northbound and two lanes will be closed southbound.  Traffic will shift to the northbound lanes for the start of the year, and will move to the southbound lanes for the second half of the year.

Not Started
Resurfacing north section

The portion between Pestalozzi and Potomac gets resurfaced.

Not Started
South traffic shift ends

Traffic on the southern portion returns to its regular configuration

Not Started
South section resurfacing

The southern section of the project gets resurfaced.

Not Started
Project complete
Not Started
Daycare overpass removed

The Daycare Overpass will be removed. 

Please feel free to review the information on this page and share your thoughts with the department between now and June 24, 2021.  

What is the problem?

Many of the bridges along the Interstate 55 corridor between Lindbergh and the Interstate 44/Interstate 55 interchange in the city of St. Louis are between 55 and 60 years old and need to have significant maintenance or reconstruction to ensure that they remain operational and safe to use for the future. 

Many of the bridges along the corridor need work, and in this case, it is more efficient to do several of them at a time to minimize the overall impact to commuters and to give the contractor doing the work the ability to efficiently manage the equipment and construction teams needed to complete the project.

This project will address 14 bridges along the I-55 corridor between U.S. Route 50/61/67 (Lindbergh) and Arsenal in the city.  The project is currently estimated at about $54 million.


Project overview

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Which bridges are being worked on?

The bridges at Gravois Creek, Green Park, River Des Peres, northbound and southbound Union Pacific Railroad, and over South 2nd Street will have the deck (the driving surface and concrete barrier ) removed and replaced. 

The bridges at Bayless, Koeln Avenue, Virginia, Bates, 4500 S. Broadway, Gasconade, Potomac, and 3200 S. Broadway will have concrete on the bridge removed and repaved.

The Daycare Overpass pedestrian bridge, between Reavis Barracks and the Union overpass, will be removed.  The bridge has been closed for almost two years due to safety, and got minimal use before it closed.

What will the impacts be?

Generally speaking, traffic lanes will be reduced and shifted in each direction.  For the first year – 2022 -- crews will work on bridges between Pestalozzi and Potomac with two lanes of traffic in each direction.  In some areas, traffic will shift onto the northbound lanes for part of the year, and onto the southbound lanes for the remainder of the year. When the northbound traffic is shifted, the northbound exit ramps at 3200 Broadway (Exit 206B) and Arsenal (Exit 206C) will be closed. When the southbound traffic is shifted, traffic from Arsenal and Cherokee will not be able to get to southbound I-55. In addition, there will be reduced lanes on other sections of I-55 in both directions between Virginia and Gasconade for other bridge maintenance during 2022.

For the second year – 2023-- crews will work on the sections of roadway between Virginia and Gravois Creek Bridge, just south of Green Park Road – with two places where traffic will shift. One shift is between Virginia and River Des Peres and the second is between Green Park and Gravois. Like the first year, traffic will shift onto the northbound lanes for part of the year, and then shift to the southbound lanes. During the northbound traffic shift in 2023, the northbound ramp to Loughborough (Exit 202C) and the ramp from Germania to the northbound interstate will be closed. During the southbound traffic shift, the southbound ramps to Loughborough (Exit 202C) and Germania (Exit 202B) will be closed, as will the ramp from Germania to the northbound interstate. Again, there will also be reduced lanes on other sections of I-55 between Virginia and the bridge at Gravois Creek, as crews maintain other bridges in that area.

There may also be some impacts to three bike trails that run along the corridor in 2023.  The River Des Peres trail and the Grant’s Trail are expected to have minimal closures (one or two day closures) as crews work remove concrete and set formwork overhead.  The Carondelet Trail will have some significant impacts as crews work on the railroad bridge near the trail. The trail will be closed for much of 2023 as crews bring equipment in and out of the area to work on the bridge over the railroad. The department is looking at various ways to reduce those impacts as much as possible. To get information on trail closures, and other updates along the project, please sign up for the I-55 corridor e-update list.

At the end of the project, the entire corridor will be resurfaced to eliminate any lane markings caused by the traffic shifts. This will provide a clean surface to put down the final lane striping.  Most likely, the first part of the resurfacing work in the northern section will take place in 2023, with the remainder taking place in early 2024. However, until that resurfacing is complete, drivers may experience a slight bump between the existing pavement and the new bridges – that will be more level once the final layer of asphalt is added.

Will this impact detour routes for the I-255 project on the Jefferson Barracks Bridge?

The Jefferson Barracks bridge will be worked on at the same time as this project.  More details on that project will be coming soon, after designers determine them. Crews will work to minimize the impacts of construction, although I-55 will be an alternate route for drivers attempting to avoid the construction.

Why doesn’t MoDOT close the entire corridor to work on the bridges?

Although closing the corridor (similar to that done for I-64) might get the construction completed quicker, overall, the impacts to travel in the region would be significantly impacted, and much of the work is less extensive.  Many of the bridges along the I-64 corridor needed to be completely rebuilt (instead of simply getting a deck or driving surface repair) and unlike the I-64 corridor there are not good options for alternate travel to give people other options to travel between the city of St. Louis, Illinois, south St. Louis County and Jefferson County.

What is the timeline?

Plans complete

Fall 2021

Public informational meeting

Fall 2021

Project start

Spring 2022

North section (Pestalozzi to Potomac) shift starts

Spring 2022

North section traffic shift ends

Late fall 2022

South section shifts (Virginia to River Des Peres and Green Park to Grants Trail) starts

Spring 2023

Second shift ends reopen

Late fall 2023

Resurfacing (north section)

Spring 2023


Resurfacing (south section)

Spring 2024

Construction complete

 Late summer 2024