2003 Report to the Joint Committee on Transportation Oversight

2003 Report to the Joint Committee on Transportation Oversight


Achievements, Efficiencies, Accolades 


Table of Contents

In Compliance with Revised Statutes of Missouri 21.795 (Paragraph Reference)


Executive Summary




1. Financial Statements

     A. Financial Statements 

         Combined Financial Statements and Schedules with Independent Auditor's Report

     B. Total State and Federal Revenue as proposed in 1992 Plan

           FY 03 Actual Revenue Comparison in 1992 15-Year Plan

* paragraph (1) (a)-(c)


2. Program Changes

     A. Criteria of Prioritization of Projects - Introduction

     B. Projects in the 2004-2008 Highway and Bridge Construction Schedule that have been reprioritized 



     C. Projects Added in the 2004-2008 Highway and Bridge Construction Schedule



* paragraph (2)


3. Forecast of Planned Expenditures 

     A. Detailed Work Plan for Five Years (Statewide Transportation Improvement Program)

                 1. Highway and Bridge Construction Schedule-IntroductionDistrict BoundariesDistrict Offices and County ListingGlossary of Acronyms,  2004-2008 Highway and Bridge Construction Schedule

                 2. Other Transportation Modes

     B. Proposed Allocation of Expenditures for Remainder of 1992 Plan 

          2003 Proposed Allocation and Expenditure of Moneys-1992 Fifteen Year Plan - RSMo 21.795.3

* paragraph (3)


4.     Schedule of Funds Expended by Project for Construction Work in Progress FY2003



* paragraph (4)


5-6. Program Estimates Compared to Costs of Projects Completed in 2003 Introduction 



* paragraph (5) and (6)


7.     Recommendations for Statutory or Regulatory Changes 

         Where Do Highway User Fees Go

         Bond Financing History 

* paragraph (7)


8.     Expenditures by Source of Funds by District 

         FY03 Expenditures by Source of Funds by District Total Amount of State,  Federal and Earmarked Federal Highway Funds Expended In Each District

* paragraph (8)