Volume III, Issue III - October 2011

MoDOT Uses Hungry Bugs to Combat Noxious Weeds

They are tiny, tireless hungry, and environmentally friendly-except to on invasive weed.   They're called seedhead weevils, and the Missouri Departments of Transportation and Conservation, along with the University of Missouri-Extension, are using them to help control Missouri's newest noxious weed-spotted knapweed.

JP Sanders Retires

After 30 years of service, JP Sanders has retired.  JP began his career with MoDOT in Design as as Survey Assistant and spent the last eleven years as an Outdoor Advertising Permit Specialist in the Kansas City area.  David Hyatt, Real Estate Manager with CBS Outdoor stated, "I believe J.P. demonstrated by example of how seamlessly a regulatory agency and the private sector could work together."

2011 Annual NAHBA Conference

The 2011 Annual Educational Conference on the Control of Outdoor Advertising was held August 7-10 in Charlotte, North Carolina. For more information regarding NAHBA's conference or to view conference presentations, visit NAHBA's website.

ODA Controlled Routes

Even though a route that is controlled for outdoor advertising has been turned over to a local municipality or county for maintenance, the route will continue to be controlled for outdoor advertising by MoDOT.  The Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 (ISTEA), Public Law 102-240, dated December 18, 1991, states "Outdoor advertising controls will apply to the Interstate System and roads that were on the Federal-aid Primary System as it existed on July 1, 1991, and any highway which is not included about but which is on the National Highway System".  Controlled Routes Map

New ODA Permit Specialist Areas

MoDOT's Bolder Five-Year Direction calls for reducing staff size by 1,200, closing 131 facilities and selling more than 740 pieces of equipment.  The plan will save $512 million that will be used for vital road and bridge projects.  Outdoor Advertising areas have been reduced and realigned from seven areas to six areas.  Staff will continue to provide outstanding customer service and remain committed to outdoor advertising and junkyard regulations.