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Project Status
Planning Phase

Proposed Project Timeline (subject to change)

In Progress

MoDOT employees and consultants from HDR Inc. work together to create the new bridge design proposals.


In Progress

MoDOT employees and consultants from HDR Inc. reach out to community members for input on proposed bridge design plans. An informal, open-house style public meeting is scheduled for June 27 at the Chariton County Courthouse.


In Progress
Right of Way Acquisition

MoDOT employees review design plans to determine right of way acquisition needs. Right of way acquisition is likely due to the realignment of the Mussel Fork River bridge.


Not Started
Contractor Bids

The projects is currently in the November 2018 letting. At that time contractors will be able to submit competitive bids for the projects.


Not Started
Contract Awarded

The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission will review the bids and award or deny the contract at their December 2018 meeting.


Not Started
Contractor May Begin Work

The contractor is allowed to begin work in February 2019, though the contractor could ask for an earlier notice to proceed date.


Not Started
U.S. Route 24 will Close

During the majority of the project, U.S. Route 24 will remain open, however, a brief, 30-day closure will be necessary. During the closure, traffic will be directed over a signed detour route.



Not Started

The contract completion date is currently set for November 1, 2019, though the contractor may complete their work before that date, if conditions allow.


  • Community Invited To Discuss Upcoming Project


    KEYTESVILLE, Mo. – Plans are underway to replace two bridges on U.S. Route 24 just west of Keytesville. The Missouri Department of Transportation will host an open house on Wednesday, June 27, from 4 to 6 p.m. in the courtroom of the Chariton County...

Mussel Fork Bridge

Current Bridge • Built in 1927 and rehabbed in 1940 • Weight limited • Though 26 feet wide, it is a one-lane bridge due to the weight limit • Signalized to limit traffic flow, due to the weight limit • Overhead truss clearance of only 15 feet, 3 inches • Width and height limitations are an issue for agricultural machinery and other commercial vehi...

Mussel Fork Overflow Bridge

Overflow Bridge The Mussel Fork River Overflow Bridge will also be replaced as part of this project. The overflow bridge was also built in 1927 and rehabbed in 1940. The current structure will be replaced with a culvert along the same alignment. This will require a brief, 30-day closure of U.S. Route 24 during construction. Traffic will be directe...

Frequently Asked Questions


Will the road be closed during construction?

  • For the majority of the project, U.S. Route 24 will remain open. The new Mussel Fork River bridge is being built alongside the current bridge and the only closures may be when the new bridge is tied into the existing roadway.
  • Motorists WILL experience significant delays, however, during construction and may wish to choose and alternate route.
  • During the construction of the Mussel Fork River Overflow culvert there will be a brief, 30-day closure necessary to complete construction. Traffic will be directed over a signed detour route.

What improvements or safety features will the new bridge have?

  • With no overhead truss, the height restrictions for commercial and agricultural vehicles will be eliminated.
  • The roadway will be wider, allowing for wider vehicles, as well.
  • The temporary signals that have been in place for several years, will be removed and two-way traffic will be restored to the roadway.
  • Drainage improvements will assist with the overflow of water during flooding, which may allow the bridge to stay open in flooding situations.
  • The new bridge will eliminate the curvature in the current bridge allowing for longer sight distance.

Will MoDOT have to buy any right of way?

  • Right of way acquisition is likely necessary due to the realignment of the bridge.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

A: Questions about the project may be directed to Project Manager Joyce Reynolds


How can I stay updated on the projects progress?

A: Sign up for project-specific updates below:

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