Governor’s Supply Chain Task Force

Supply Chain Task Force report submitted to Governor

JEFFERSON CITY – The Missouri Supply Chain Task Force’s final report has been submitted to Gov. Parson following a six-month-long survey into supply chain issues.

Gov. Mike Parson created the task force in November 2021, and it held meetings across the state to identify supply chain problems facing Missouri businesses and citizens and develop potential solutions to address these challenges. Valuable feedback from stakeholders presented at these meetings has been included in the draft report.

The Final Report is available here

The task force is co-chaired by Missouri Department of Transportation Director Patrick McKenna and Director of the Office of Workforce Development Mardy Leathers from the Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development.

Governor Parson Executive Order 21-13 Creating Supply Chain Task Force

The following have been appointed to serve on this task force:

The task force convened a variety of stakeholders to identify potential improvements and solutions in the supply chain including logistics, all transportation modes, freight, labor, workforce development, distribution and warehousing.