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I-229 Moving Forward

I-229 is a corridor that carries traffic through downtown St. Joseph on the Double-Decker Bridge along the Missouri River. The bridge is 40 years old with an expected lifespan of 50 years, so it is time to plan now for a long-term solution for the bridge.

Project Timeline

I-229 Moving Forward Goals:

MoDOT is conducting an Environmental Assessment (EA) on the I-229 Double-Decker Bridge. An EA is a study required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) for federally-funded projects and ensures a sound, well-researched decision is reached. An EA consists of the technical evaluation of human and natural environmental impacts, both positive and negative, associated with the alternatives for the project and whether those impacts are significant or not. So why is MoDOT conducting an EA study of the Double-Decker?  

  • The bridge is nearing the end of its expected life: the expected lifespan of the bridge is 50 years. The bridge is currently 40 years old. 
  • The bridge is rated in poor condition:  despite ongoing maintenance the bridge continues to deteriorate and is rated in poor condition - the equivalent to a C- grade. 
  • Current structural problems on the bridge will be difficult and costly to repair: if the bridge was rehabilitated, it would either need a second rehabilitation or a complete replacement in approximately 25 years - with an estimated cost around $200 million. 
  • Traffic volumes don't support the need for the current bridge structure: the amount of traffic using the bridge doesn't require a four-lane, elevated structure. At the time the bridge was conceptualized, a higher volume of traffic was expected to travel I-229 than does today. 
  • The economic development of St. Joseph's downtown and riverfront is more challenging with the current bridge in place: the current bridge is not compatible with the City of St. Joseph's current vision for riverfront development and continued growth. 

I-229 Moving Forward Project Purpose and Need:

Resolve bridge deficiencies

  • Provide a long-term solution for the condition of the I-229 Double-Decker Bridge

Maximize travel mobility, accessibility and safety 

  • Travel Safely
  • Ease of moving freight
  • Downtown accessibility 

Complementary to, and compatible with, local land use plans

  • Downtown revitalization
  • Reconnecting the riverfront


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The Alternative Options:

Through continued conversations with the City of St. Joseph, St. Joseph's Metropolitan Planning Organization and local stakeholders, the study has determined that four alternatives best meet the project needs of:

  • Improved Mobility and Safety
  • Reduce Cost
  • Promote Development

The purpose of this study, and the alternatives developed as part of the study, is to ONLY address the corridor in which a new structure and/or roadway would follow. Considerations such as traffic control, ramp placement, architecture and beautification are not planned for in the EA study process. These would be addressed in the final design process which would include opportunity for public comments concerning these roadway topics.

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Project History

Project Timeline

View the project timeline and learn about project history, where we are now, and future.

Alternatives History

View all alternatives which are no longer under consideration based on stake holder feedback and the relative advantages and disadvantages outlined in the matrix.  

I-229 Moving Forward News

  • I-229 Moving Forward Public Input Opportunity


    ST. JOSEPH, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Transportation and local partners are once again asking residents to share their thoughts on the future of the Interstate 229 corridor through downtown St. Joseph, including the Double-decker Bridge. I-229...

I-229 Public Involvement

Public Input Opportunity

Alternatives public meeting opportunities: 

  • In-person:  An in-person public meeting was held on Thursday, Sept. 1, 2022, from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Remington Nature Center (1502 McArthur Drive, St. Joseph). 
  • Virtual:  A virtual public meeting room was available on this site ( through Sept. 30, 2022. 


Formal public hearing: expected Winter 2023.

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