Counties Impacted
St. Charles
Project Status

Project Milestones

Pre-industry meeting
October 5, 2016
Industry meeting
November 15, 2016
NB West selected as contractor
May 4, 2017
Public meetings
July 13, 2017 in St. Charles County and July 19, 2017 in Franklin County
Groundbreaking ceremony
July 27, 2017
Construction begins
July 2017
2017 National Roadway Safety Award
The project was honored in November 2017 by the Federal Highway Administration and the Roadway Safety Foundation.
ACEC 2019 Engineering Excellence Award
The project was honored in February 2019 with an Honor Award from the ACEC of Missouri.
Construction complete

Construction is expected to be complete by mid 2019. 

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During the last 10 years, 8,752 Missouri motorists left on a trip and never made it to their destination.  This project uses public and private industry solutions to reduce crashes and save lives.

What is the project?

The St. Louis District Safety Design Build project will make safety improvements at 31 locations across Franklin and St. Charles Counties.  A variety of safety improvements will be made, including pavement treatments, reflective pavement markers, rumble strips and flashing stop signs.  Over a 10 year period, the improvements are expected to reduce the number of fatal and serious injury crashes by more than 70 people.  

Why is this project being done?

MoDOT  takes the safety of the traveling public very seriously.  This project allows MoDOT to make multiple safety improvements across two counties.  Using the Design-Build method, MoDOT is able to implement the safety solutions quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.  Fast implementation of safety improvements saves more lives. 

Where will these improvements be made?

The improvements will be made on various routes in Franklin County and St. Charles County.  There are improvements being made at 16 different locations in Franklin County and 15 different locations in St. Charles County.  

About the Blueprint

The project team used the state’s strategic highway safety plan to come up with the project goals.

About Design-Build

Design-Build is a project delivery method where design and construction services are contracted by a single entity.