Service Results

Keeping Missouri Moving

Missouri experienced a challenging winter season in 2018-2019 that cost about $66.4 million or about 50% more than typical winters. From November 2018 to March 2019, MoDOT crews used:

  • 182,932 tons of salt
  • 4,397,046 gallons of salt brine
  • 153,435 tons of abrasives
  • 531 tons of calcium chloride
  • 109,187 gallons of liquid calcium chloride
  • 181,130 gallons of liquid magnesium chloride
  • 684,763 gallons of beet juice

Every weekend seemed to bring more heavy weather. But even after winter moved on, the battle with the elements was just beginning.

From April into summer, more than 470 locations were closed across the state due to high water, including Interstate 29 north of St. Joseph. Even Amtrak’s Missouri River Runner suspended its passenger rail service as the banks of the Mighty Mo overflowed and covered its tracks.

It wasn’t until flood waters receded that crews could come in and repair damage. Debris was scattered over roadways for miles in the Northwest District and damage to road substructure had to be inspected and repaired before travel could resume.

Although weight restrictions were relaxed on motor carriers hauling rock, sand and gravel, MoDOT maintenance crews could only wait out the event and make repairs in the aftermath.

While the final figure has not been totaled, current figures show spring floods damaged 316 sites throughout the state with current repair estimates at nearly $32 million.

Road Condition and Customer Satisfaction
Having goals isn't enough. With the help of our partners, we continuously improve our performance and hold ourselves accountable to our customers.

$409 Million in Total Savings
MoDOT focuses on citizen priorities when reassessing services provided. Without sacrificing safety, adjusting mowing and striping schedules on low-volume highways, fighting snow with innovative materials and equipment, reevaluating our snow routes, and using incarcerated crews where feasible, $409 million is redirected to roads and bridges.

$98 Million in Total Customer Savings
Missouri’s economic health depends on the efficient movement of the goods it produces and consumes. MoDOT Carrier Express, our first-in-the-nation online business portal, streamlines Missouri-based motor carriers’ business transactions with the state — getting their drivers and the products they haul on the road in record time. The system, a Computerworld Honors Laureate honoree, saved customers $8.5 million in 2019.

$292 Million Redirected to Roads and Bridges
MoDOT uses Alternative Technical Concepts to provide solutions that are equal or better to the original bid requirement. ATCs have been used on multiple projects since 2007. Looking to copy private-sector success, legislators authorized Design-Build project delivery. MoDOT has delivered 11 Design-Build projects that were completed 74 months ahead of schedule. Concentrating on project goals, innovation, schedule and budget, construction is completed more efficiently, with less impact on travelers.

$323 Million Saved from 2007-2019
Like many other organizations, MoDOT recycles office paper, ink cartridges and the like. In addition, we use recycled shingles, tires, asphalt and other materials to deliver the best pavement with cost — and the environment — in mind.