Work Type
Sidewalk/ADA Improvements
Planning Phase

Project Milestones

Preliminary Plans

Engineers evaluate the situation and determine the best option for the project.

Public Hearing

MoDOT held a public hearing on December 15 to discuss this project. That meeting has now closed.

Obtain necessary right of way or easements

The department will negotiate with impacted property owners for necessary right of way and temporary property easements. This should start in spring 2021.


Project awarded

Once the necessary right of way  and easements have been obtained, the project will go through the normal award process for the department. Currently scheduled for Spring 2022.

In Progress
Construction begins

Construction begins on the project.  Currently this is scheduled for early 2023.


What is the current situation?

The Missouri Department of Transportation has a project scheduled to resurface Route P between Gravois (Route 30) and Watson Road (Route 366) in 2022.  During that project, the department is also making updates to the roadway’s pedestrian facilities. The current raised shoulder originally intended for pedestrian use will be removed and replaced with proper sidewalks making them compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. In addition, the department is looking at adding new crosswalks, removing another and constructing several updated pedestrian signals.

Much of the information shared here was presented during the virtual public hearing for the project in December 2020.

Where is the department updating pedestrian  crossings?

The proposal adds crosswalks at the signalized intersections at Rogers Middle School, Heege, Affton High School and Weber.  It also updates the pedestrian signal near St. Dominic’s to a high-intensity activated crosswalk – also known as a HAWK.  This updated signal  provides a safer mid-block crossing, using flashing lights to alert traffic to pedestrians crossing the roadway, or desiring to do so. The department is also looking at removing the unsignalized pedestrian crossings between Affton High School and Weber Road.

What other signal improvements will be made?

Many of the signals along the corridor will be converted to allow permissive left turns during lower traffic by using flashing yellow arrows.  The signal at Route P and Route 366 will be rebuilt and the lanes on Route P approaching Route 366 will be reconfigured.

What bike facilities will be included in this project?

Since traffic volumes along Route P are fairly high, Route P will remain signed to remind drivers to share the road with cyclists.

What are the impacts?

There should be minimal impacts to drivers – they can expect one lane closed in either direction during non-peak traffic hours as crews work on sidewalks and driveways.  Business owners with multiple driveways will have at least one access point into their business at all times through construction.  Crews will work on half of the access point at a time when there is only one entrance/exit from a business.  Residential driveways are too small to complete one at a time – driveways will need to be closed for several days at a time.  We anticipate that the contractor will be able to share a general timeframe when they anticipate being in the area  -- probably about a week or two in advance.




Preliminary plans


Public Hearing

December 15, 2020

Right of Way process starts

Spring 2021

Project awarded

Spring 2022

Construction begins

Late spring 2022

Construction complete

Late fall 2023