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St. Charles
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Project Timeline

Public meeting
A public meeting on the proposed improvements was held on January 23, 2019. Below is the information that was provided at the meeting:
Contract award
Spring 2019
Construction begins
Monday, July 22, 2019
Construction complete
Late Fall

What is being done?

The crossovers at Route 94 and South Breeze Road will be closed to prevent drivers from turning left or going straight across Route 94.  Special turn lanes, called J-turns, will be added at Independence Road and between South Breeze and Wolfrum Road, so drivers can access eastbound and westbound Route 94.  Drivers will still be able to turn left from Route 94 onto South Breeze Road. 

Why is this work being done?

This will improve safety and reduce the number of severe crashes for drivers coming out of South Breeze and on Route 94. 


What is a J-turn?

A J-turn is a specialized intersections where, rather than crossing traffic, motorists turn right, merge into the left lane and then make a U-turn at a designated point. 


Why is a J-turn safer?

J-turns have been proven to greatly reduce right-angle crashes, which are most responsible for fatalities and serious injuries at intersections.

Why not put a signal at Route 94 and South Breeze?

The volume of traffic at South Breeze does not meet the minimum requirements for a signal.  In addition, crash rates can actually increase when a signal is installed.  A J-turn intersection eliminates the movement that causes T-bone crashes often associated with the current intersection setup and a signalized intersection.  Adding an unwarranted signal would also impede traffic flow on Route 94, resulting in long wait times for motorists on South Breeze to get a green light. 

What kind of traffic impacts will there be during construction?

There will be off-peak lane closures throughout the project.


How much will the project cost?

The project contract was awarded at approximately $715,000. 

Project Contacts

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Christopher Kelly
Project Manager
St. Louis District
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Andy Tuerck
Area Engineer, St. Charles County
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Office: (314) 453-5046