Counties Impacted
St. Louis
St. Louis City
Project Status
Planning Phase
Route Impacted
Missouri Route 366

Project timeline

Preliminary Plans

Design experts evaluate the corridor and complete proposed designs for the project.

Public Meeting

The public meeting shares those preliminary plans with the public to show the current intent of the project.  The public provides input on those plans -- including their preferences, and issues that they would like to see potentially addressed, if it fits within the scope and the allotted amount for the project.  The public meeting for the project was held 4 to 6:30 p.m. Thursday November 10, at the Crestwood Community Center, (9245 Whitecliff Pk Ln, St. Louis, MO 63126)


Not Started
Right of Way process

Once the department gets input from the community, it makes what adjustments it can and starts obtaining the necessary property (including temporary or permanent easements) to construct the project.  This goes through the departments Right of Way experts.

Not Started
Project awarded

Once all necessary work prior to construction is complete, the project is put out for bids and awarded by the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission. 

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Construction begins

Construction on the project starts

Not Started
Gravois Creek Bridge work

During the construction, crews will replace the bridge over Gravois Creek.  This work will be completed half at a time.  Crews will start by pushing traffic to the center of the bridge and build the outside portion.  Then they will push traffic to the outside and complete work on the center of the bridge.  Overall, construction on the bridge is expected to take roughly eight months.

Not Started
Construction complete

When all the work is complete, and crews have accepted the corridor for MoDOT maintenance, the project is done.

What is the current situation?

The Missouri Department of Transportation has a two-year project scheduled  for Missouri Route 366 (Watson Road) between Geyer and the city of St. Louis limits starting in 2024.  During that project, the department will be resurfacing the roadway as well as making updates  to the roadway’s pedestrian facilities. All existing sidewalks and crosswalks need to be updated to be meet current Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. There are some sections of sidewalk that are being connected, as well.  In addition, many of the signals along the corridor will be updated. During this project, the department also needs to replace the bridge over Gravois Creek – between Brookview Drive and Pardee Lane --- as it has reached the end of its useful life.


What improvements are being made?

The department is updating sidewalks along the corridor to meet Americans with Disabilities act requirements. As a part of that,  the department is updating many of the pedestrian signals along the corridor to make them compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. This includes updated pedestrian improvements  near Watson and Oakknoll Manor Drive and near the bus stop by Hope Community senior center. In addition, the department is replacing the bridge over Gravois Creek, between Brookview Drive and Pardee Lane.  

Are bike facilities included in this project?

Since traffic volumes along Watson Road along this stretch are fairly high, Watson will remain signed to remind drivers to share the road with cyclists. The Grant’s Trail crossing near Pardee will be upgraded to include block striping, instead of standard crosswalk striping.  This will make the crossing more visible.


What are the impacts from the project?

For the most part, impacts during the construction should be relatively minimal. Crews will replace the bridge over Gravois Creek half at a time, starting with the outside lanes.  The department is still working through specifics for potential impacts to property near the bridge. Sections of sidewalks will be closed for periods as crews work on the updates.  Drivers can also expect one lane closed in either during non-peak traffic hours while signals and sidewalks are updated.  Business owners with multiple driveways will have at least one access point into their business at all times through construction. Crews will work on half of the access point at a time when there is only one entrance/exit from a business.  Residential driveways are too small to complete half at a time – driveways will need to be closed for several days when they are being worked on.  We anticipate that the contractor will be able to share a general timeframe when they anticipate being in the area -- probably about a week or two in advance.


Did MoDOT consider completely closing the bridge over Gravois Creek?

Yes, the department did consider fully closing the bridge.  However, traffic volumes along this section of Watson Road are fairly high and potential detours would significantly impact businesses around the bridge, as well as those along any alternate routes.


What is the timeline?



Preliminary plans


Public Meeting

Fall 2022

Right of Way process starts

Winter 2023

Project awarded

Spring 2024

Construction begins

Summer 2024

Gravois Creek bridge construction

Spring 2025

Construction complete

Fall 2026