Counties Impacted
St. Louis
Project Status
Planning Phase
Route Impacted

Project Milestones

In Progress
Information gathering

The department is working with the community to identify concerns along the Route 231 corridor. This will involve visits to the corridor, an information-gathering public meeting, currently set for March 28 and several focus groups with various stakeholders on the corridor.

Not Started
Conceptual design

From the information gathered through discussions with the community, and identified during observations, the department will develop a conceptual design for the corridor.

Not Started
Public Meeting

Once the conceptual design has been completed, MoDOT will share it with the public for any final comments and to discus any further concerns.

Not Started
Right of Way process starts

After the public meeting, the conceptual design may be adjusted based on comments from the public. At that time, the department will start working with property owners along the corridor to discuss any needed easements or property.

Not Started
Construction begins

Once the right of way process has completed, and the project has been put out for bid and awarded, construction can begin. Currently, that is set for Spring 2025.

Not Started
Construction complete

This project is currently slated to take two construction seasons.  Work is expected to be complete in late fall 2026.

The Missouri Department of Transportation has a two-year project, starting in 2025, scheduled  for Missouri Route 231 between the city of St. Louis limits and just south of Franru Lane.  In this area, Route 231 follows Telegraph between Franru and Laredo, Kingston Drive between Laredo and Grant Road, and South Broadway between Grant Road and the city limits. 

As part of MoDOT’s project, the department will be resurfacing the roadway as well as making updates  to the roadway’s pedestrian facilities. All existing sidewalks and crosswalks need to be updated to be meet current Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. There are some sections of sidewalk that are being connected, as well.  In addition, many of the signals along the corridor will be updated.

Before making significant plans on this project, the department would like to get some insight on what the community envisions for the corridor and any major areas of concern for the current roadway, as well as work with the community to determine potential options to embrace those visions and address concerns.