Counties Impacted
St. Louis
St. Charles
Project Status
In Progress
Route Impacted
Missouri Route 141
Missouri Route 364

Project Progress

Contract awarded

The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission awarded the contract for this project to Millstone Weber, LLC for $5 million in June 2020.

In Progress
Construction Begins

Construction on the project has begun. Crews are working on the shoulder of the southbound Route 141 lanes at the eastbound Route 364 exit ramp. This does include a right lane closure on Route 141.

In Progress
Route 364 Improvements

The eastbound Route 364 exit to northbound Route 141 movement will have a designated  flowing lane.

The eastbound Route 364 exit to southbound Route 141 will be widened to a two-lane exit ramp and will have dual lanes with free flowing traffic movement that is no longer required to stop at the ramp interchange.



In Progress
Route 141 Improvements

Northbound Route 141 traffic to westbound Route 364 will get more green time and the eastbound Route 364 to northbound Route 141 left turn will be moved to the intersection at the north side of the interchange. This will reduce congestion during peak travel hours.

What is the current situation?

The intersection of Route 141 and Route 364 in St. Louis County is getting congested, particularly during peak travel times. With ongoing and anticipated developments in Maryland Heights and Earth City; along with the extension of Route 364 to I-64, congestion will continue to get worse as time goes by.

Current congestion issues:

  • During morning rush hour, eastbound Route 364 traffic exiting to southbound Route 141 backs up to the Veterans Memorial Bridge.
  • During evening rush hour, northbound Route 141 traffic trying to access Route 364 backs up to the soccer fields.
  • During evening rush hour, westbound Route 364 traffic trying to access southbound Route 141 backs up to the Seven Pines overpass.

MoDOT engineers studied the area to see what possible improvements could be made to the intersection to improve the flow of traffic and help reduce congestion.

What does this project include?

The following improvements will be provided through this construction project:

1. Westbound Route 364 exit ramp to Route 141 - The ramp will be widened and there will be dual left lanes for access to  southbound Route 141.

2. Eastbound Route 364 exit ramp to Route 141 - The ramp will be widened and there will be dual exit lanes to Route 141. Traffic for northbound Route 141 will have a separate left lane that will diverge to the intersection north where the exit traffic from westbound Route 364 will share a traffic signal.

3. Northbound Route 141 - Traffic for eastbound Route 364 will have a dedicated lane. Traffic for westbound Route 364 will have more green time allowing more traffic to pass through and cut down on congestion.

4. Southbound Route 141- Traffic will no longer have to stop at a red light at the south intersection (where eastbound Route 364 traffic enters).

When will construction be complete?

Construction is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2021.