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May 2019 USGS GR Data Bathymetric Data at Highway Bridges crossing the Lower Gasconade River after the May 2017 Flood in Central Missouri (ver 2.0, May 2019): U.S. Geological Survey data release TR201725  
May 2019

cmr 19-006

cmr 19-006 (sum)

TITAN – An Interactive Web-based Platform for Transportation Data InTegration and ANalytics TR201815  
March 2019

cmr 19-005

cmr 19-005 (sum)

Field Implementation of High-Volume Recycled Materials for Sustainable Pavement Construction TR201702 TR201502
March 2019

cmr 19-004

cmr 19-004 (sum)

Field Implementation and Monitoring of Behavior of Economical and Crack-Free High-Performance Concrete for Pavement and Transportation Infrastructure Constructions – Phase II TR201703 TR201503
February 2019

cmr 19-003

cmr 19-003 (sum)

Roller Compacted Concrete for Rapid Pavement Construction TR201518  
January 2019

cmr 19-002

cmr 19-002 (app)

cmr 19-002 (sum)

Performance Characteristics of Modern Recycled Asphalt Mixes in Missouri, Including Ground Tire Rubber, Recycled Roofing Shingles, and Rejuvenators TR201712  
January 2019

cmr 19-001

cmr 19-001 (sum)

Field Implementation of Super-Workable Fiber-Reinforced Concrete for Infrastructure Construction TR201705  
December 2018

cmr 18-012

cmr 18-012 (sum)

Field Implementation of Rubberized Chip Seal TR201804  
December 2018

cmr 18-011

cmr 18-011 (sum)

Characterization and Performance of Zero-Cement Concrete TR201614  
August 2018

cmr 18-010

cmr 18-010 (sum)

Pavement Roughness Measurement Using Android Smartphones: Case Study of Missouri Roads and Airports. Final report (4.0 MB, 124 pages) TR201709  
June 2018 cmr 18-009 Unmanned Aircraft Systems: An Overview of Strategies and Opportunities for Missouri. Final report (2 MB, 51 pages) TR201808  
May 2018

cmr 18-008

cmr 18-008 (App A-G)

Foundation Reuse: Length, Condition, and Capacity of Existing Driven Piles

Final report (6.3 MB, 70 pages)

Appendices A to G (40.1 MB, 273 pages)

May 2018 CM 2018-01 Missouri's Bond Strength Investigation. Final Report. Internal research (Construction and Materials Division Pavement Section) (1.5 MB, 36 pages) NA  
May 2018 cmr 18-007 Evaluation of Green Lights on TMAs. Final Report (1.7 MB, 65 pages) TR201722  
April 2018 cmr 18-006 Design and Performance of Cost-Effective Ultra High Performance Concrete for Bridge Deck Overlays. Final Report (6.2 MB, 132 pages) TR201704  
March 2018 AID IC-IR report
cmr 18-003 (sum)
Accelerated Innovation Deployment (AID) Demonstration Project: Intelligent Compaction and Infrared Scanning Projects. Final Report (5.9 MB, 61 pages)



cmr 18-003
March 2018 cmr 18-005 Use of Lightweight Sand for Internal Curing to Improve Performance of Concrete Infrastructure. Final Report (4.9 MB, 92 pages) TR201701  
February 2018

cmr 18-004

cmr 18-004 (sum)

Evaluation of Automated Flagger Assistance Devices. Final Report (3.1 MB, 115 pages) TR201717 cmr 17-010
February 2018

cmr 18-003

cmr 18-003 (sum)

Intelligent Compaction and Infrared Scanning Field Projects with Consulting Support. Final Report (7.5 MB, 144 pages) TR201716  
February 2018 cmr 18-002
cmr 18-002 (sum)
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Economic Impact Study for Public Ports in Missouri.
Final report (10.3 MB, 98 pages)
Summary report (6.2 MB, 4 pages)
Brochures for 11 ports
February 2018

cmr 18-001

cmr 18-001 (sum)

Missouri Highway Safety Manual Recalibration. Final Report (5.5 MB, 226 pages) TR201616 cmr 16-009